November 9, 2021

Cannabis Productivity Hacks: Top Veritas Strains For Getting Sh*t Done

From the tart delights of Cherry Diesel to the wake-and-bake boost of White 99, here are the best Veritas strains for next-level productivity.

These days, it seems like all of us could use a little extra pep in our step. Whether it’s trying to overcome a bad night’s sleep, getting charged for the busy day ahead, or simply a little burst of energy to stay on track, cannabis can be a wonderful tool for staying productive and getting stuff done. 

Just as there are strains ideal for restful slumber, some zone-out time on the trail and any number of other desired experiences, there are strains that are ideal for getting high while staying active and engaged. Here at Veritas, we’ve got a great selection of flower that is perfect when you want to get shit done. And since we have over 90 strains in our library, there’s always something different to try—here’s the current drop

Without further ado, here’s the inside story on a few of our favorite strains for staying productive while feeling great.

Cherry Diesel

We like to say that this strain from Veritas pairs well with a monster truck rally, but the truth is this tasty sativa cross of Cherry OG x Turbo Diesel can best be described as your ticket to a good time. With a cherry-forward flavor that gives way to undertones of sweet diesel, Cherry Diesel also delivers an uplifting, energetic high capable of kicking your next study session or board game night into a gear of blissful efficiency. 

Headband Kush

Is there anything better for clearing one’s head than a night spent out amongst the stars? If you don’t have your next camping date on the calendar yet, you always count on our Headband Kush to transport you to a crackling fire and a handful of s’mores. Great for relaxing but still being in the moment, Headband Kush is a sativa hybrid cross of Headband x OG. With a storied genetic lineage, this strain has become a fast favorite for occasions that call for some cerebral concentration as well as a generous helping of THC.

White 99

While it may not have the same immediate punch as a caffeinated beverage, there’s something energizing about drinking a fresh glass of orange juice in the morning. Citrus can awaken your senses up in a hurry, which is why we’re huge fans of our sativa hybrid White 99 when it comes to strains that will keep you productive and engaged. Featuring a cross between Cinderella 99 x The White, White 99 brings those “fresh OJ first thing” vibes with a taste that combines the best of tart oranges with notes of lemon and kush. Kick your morning routine into gear by waking up with this tried-and-true winner.

Pineapple Blast

With Pineapple Blast, it can feel like the sun never sets. That’s because this invigorating sativa strain brings with it a high that will have you feeling creative, stimulated and captivated. A cross of Tangie x Pineapple Thai, Pineapple Blast isn’t just a party for your mind, but also your tastebuds. It can honestly be tough to keep your hits at a reasonable size thanks to this strain’s deliciously sweet, citrusy tropical flavors. Great for a boost of brain energy and a worthy substitute if your supply of Froot Loops is running low, Pineapple Blast is a Veritas strain that more than lives up to its name.

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