August 22, 2022

Cannabis Reviews: Loud Buds, Poetic Pot



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Nothing enhances your favorite album or a book you just can’t put down like cannabis! As you explore all the books and music presented in these pages, here are some tasty samples to make your experience even better. 

Escape Artists

1:1 Relief Cream – Lavender (100mg CBD:100mg THC) — An ultra-potent topical blend to remedy any soreness you may be feeling, and it smells great, too! We can’t get enough of the lavender scent. Available at licensed Colorado dispensaries starting at $16.

1:1 Recovery Cream: Pro Sport Menthol (300mg CBD:300mg THC) — A fast-acting and fast-absorbing cream that is perfect for an active lifestyle. The menthol smell is a bit stronger than the lavender, but for the big aches and pains, it really does the trick. Available at licensed Colorado Dispensaries starting at $45. 


Ripple Dissolvables — The OG fast-acting, water-soluble THC powder allows consumers to turn any food and beverage into their very own customized cannabis edible. It’s easy to just add powder and then go on your merry way! 

Ripple Gummies — THC packed into a tasty, low-sugar treat. Ranging from 2.5 to 5mg of THC per gummy, these are perfect for microdosing.

Ripple QuickSticks — Designed for convenience, this THC powder can be poured directly on your tongue. Next step: Wait (15 minutes to be exact) for Ripple’s fast-acting effects.

Veritas Fine Cannabis

Veritas Premium Eighths — Grown, harvested, trimmed, and packaged entirely by hand to ensure each jar contains the densest and most flavorful nugs you could wish for. Available at licensed Colorado dispensaries, starting at $40

Veritas Premium Pre-Rolled Joints — These single gram pre-rolls are always made from full buds of small-batch, top-shelf cannabis that delivers phenomenal taste and a slow burn. Available at licensed Colorado dispensaries, starting at $10

Veritas x Oskar Blues Veritasty Trucker Hat — A unique and “old-school” trucker hat with a “new-school” design. Available online for $25

Veritas x Oskar Blues Veritasty Tumbler — Keep drinks cool with this stylish Veritasty IPA-themed tumbler. Available online for $25

Cheeba Chews

MELTS— Featuring only the finest ingredients. These pâte de fruit chews are infused with locally sourced, terpene-rich live rosin. They’re available throughout Colorado in three flavors: Strawberry, Apricot, and Toasted Coconut. Available at licensed Colorado dispensaries, starting at $20


Caps by Cookies — Caps by Cookies marries the symbiotic medicinal properties of mushrooms, cannabinoids, and terpenes to create a set of three-in-one capsules designed to expand your cognitive well-being. Organic non-intoxicating fungi, CBD, CBG, CBN, and terpene blends combine to take the entourage effect to the next level. Available in “Daytime” or “Nighttime” for $50 on the Cookies website.

Coda Signature

Microdose Fruit Notes— 1mg edibles designed for the canna-curious consumer. Coda Signature’s newest product is a microdose variation of its award-winning, French-inspired Fruit Notes. The new product line caters to those who are looking for a delicious, low-dose option.


This solventless premium rosin’s icy color looks just as good as it hits. The cold curing process brings out the terpenes’ delicious fresh fragrance and enhances the earthy flavors. Your lungs will thank you for this clean high! 

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