Harvest & trim

Harvest & Trim Supervisor 

  • Manages and trains the trim team 

  • Assists the General Manager in hiring, training and developing the department

  • Coordinates all harvested cannabis plants for trimming and processing 

  • Ensures all harvested plants are hung, dried and de-stemmed properly, then correctly entered into the tracking software system

  • Responsible for keeping trim team focused on efficiently trimming plants and maintaining expected production levels. 

  • Up-to-date knowledge on all trim methods and techniques

  • Responsible for overall hand-trimming process of harvested cannabis plants to separate the various parts of the plant based upon their values. 

  • Responsible for accurate data collection in order to track plants as per state and local regulations and also for determining staff performance levels 

  • Understanding of pest, mold and mildew prevention during post-harvest processing

  • Knowledge of proper storage of curing and finished product in containers

  • Utilize best practices in the care and maintenance of the curing processes and equipment. 

Trim/Harvest Associate

  • Has previous trimming/harvesting knowledge and experience

  • Demonstrates proficiency, organization, calmness, and attention to detail in a fast-paced environment 

  • Resourceful and able to work both independently and with a team

  • Must be able to sit and focus for long periods of time

  • Responsible for the efficiency and quality of the marijuana plant trimming of in preparation for sale.

  • Maintain a clean and organized work environment to avoid contaminating product

  • Accurately weigh the trimmed buds

  • Identify various marijuana strains

  • Clean criminal record and a valid driver's license

  • Must adhere to local and state laws and regulations related to marijuana production and keep up to date on changes to those laws and regulations

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