July 30, 2021

How To Host the Perfect Cannabis-Inspired Backyard BBQ This Summer

Take the glory of summer grilling to the next level by adding some classic backyard games and Veritas cannabis to your plans.

Summer in Colorado is all about being outside—camping, concert-going, star gazing, lounging park-side, hiking and yes, barbecuing. ’Tis the season where the smell of delicious food on the grill seems to waft constantly through the air, reminding us of the simple joy that is a backyard barbecue with best buds.

Sure, stellar barbecues take a little planning, but that’s where we come in. 

We’ll leave the groceries, playlists and adult beverage decisions up to you, but when it comes to backyard activities—and the best cannabis strains to pair with each of them—we’ve got you covered. Below you’ll find a handy list of some of our favorite games and strains to ensure your next get-together is indeed the ultimate barbecue.

Cornhole (Pair With Headband Kush)

In terms of beloved, classic backyard games, cornhole, otherwise known as ‘Bags’ has to be on the podium. Here’s an official Cornhole rules page you can browse, and the quick version: Two sides take turns trying to skillfully toss bean bags toward a distant target—the hole is the bull’s eye. As a concept, it’s as simple as it gets, which is why adding some Headband Kush by Veritas to the competition can introduce a whole new level of fun. Although it has yet to be proven, Headband Kush has been reported to enhance your Cornhole performance. 

Known for its mind-elevating euphoric and creative effects, as well as some appetite-amping properties, hitting some Headband Kush before the game should have you in great spirits ahead of the main event. Just be aware this staple hybrid strain may also leave you hungry for another helping of potato salad too.

Twister (Pair With Georgia Pie)

When the Milton Bradley Company debuted Twister in 1966, it’s unlikely the makers envisioned that people would be pairing their party game with legal cannabis. Given how well the two work together, however, perhaps they should have! 

Depending on the scale and terrain of your barbecue setting, you can get a special extra large, outdoor-friendly Twister layout in a park, or use nature-safe paint to make your own backyard version. What really matters is putting everyone in the right mood for some awkward balancing, silly contortions and lots of laughs. Why not fully go for it and have your dessert early, before the first spin, with some Georgia Pie by Veritas? While notably potent, a few puffs of the Pie will have your mind and body in the sweet spot for when “right foot blue” gets called.

Water Balloon Dodgeball (Pair With Ooh La La)

Who doesn’t love a good water balloon fight? Especially if the temperature is getting toasty, incorporating something that will both cool you off and keep you entertained is a win-win! The rules are pretty much up to you: establish zones, go with specific colored balloons to differentiate teams, or throw all that out and just huck ’em at each other. There’s really no wrong answer (but let’s avoid the face, mmmkay?).

One thing you’ll absolutely need, though, is an appropriate soundtrack. The excellent rap duo Run the Jewels have plenty of options to help you meet the moment, plus they have their own strain—Ooh La La by Veritas—which fully seals the deal. This strain delivers a sensory-heightening head high that’s perfect for some marvelous backyard mirth, along with a light body feel so you can still be on top of your game during any balloon-related battles. Throw on some RTJ and get ready for a water war.
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