Mike Leibowitz

Partner: Operations

Mike Leibowitz is a co-founder of Veritas, where he leads sales and account management and identifies new distribution opportunities. He has been instrumental in expanding the Veritas library to include dozens of unique hybrid strains, and he focuses on understanding the consumer experience to best expand the product offerings in a way that meets consumers where they are. 


Since the legalization of cannabis in Colorado, Mike has been growing and experimenting with special strains of cannabis. His years of hands-on cultivation experience led him to found his first medical cannabis consulting and cultivation business in 2011. 


He recognized early on that he and his team had a unique approach to cultivation: They had created a proprietary process that yielded a final product with consistently superior quality. Not automating any part of the growing process may take longer, but it resulted in an end product that tastes and smells better, while also providing consistent effects for the consumer. This passion for quality and commitment to hand-growing was central to what would become Veritas Fine Cannabis.


“Luxury cannabis is our art,” Mike says. “We pour ourselves into the process, and because we use only the best methods, our product looks and feels the same from one harvest to the next. Growing the best cannabis possible requires long hours, adaptability and constant focus.”


Originally from the East Coast, Mike studied Arts and Science at the University of Colorado. He worked in real estate and finance for seven years, until he was approached with an opportunity to pivot into the emerging cannabis industry.


In his free time, Mike can be found exploring Colorado’s breathtaking hiking trails, camping or sourcing local ingredients to incorporate into his recipes.

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