January 20, 2022

Spotlight on 2021-2022 Veritas x Icelantic Ski Artist Morgan Mandala

Boulder's Morgan Mandala loves to paint geometric forms and natural splendor, making her the perfect artist to design the latest in our series of custom ski releases.

Where would we be without traditions? From that one uncle who always makes the sweet potatoes with marshmallows at Thanksgiving to the passing down of precious family heirlooms, each of us can point to the traditions, be they cherished or bizarre, that ultimately serve to define what makes us all unique.

At Veritas, we're no strangers to tradition either. And one of our favorite newer traditions is our custom ski collaborations with Icelantic Skis. As a cannabis company founded in the midst of Colorado's natural splendor, what better way to celebrate our alpine surroundings than through the release of a yearly collaboration with none other than Golden, CO's Icelantic Skis, one of the country’s premiere ski companies.

Together, Veritas and Icelantic have partnered to create limited-edition versions of Icelantic’s flagship Nomad 105 model featuring the work of local artists. Beyond being certifiably awesome, this project provides us with an opportunity to connect with our community, support the arts, and reinforce our own commitment to sustainability thanks to Icelantic's status as a Climate Neutral Certified business.

Following releases designed by Denver's Joe Palec in 2020 and Veritas’ own Sarah Egener in 2019, we're thrilled to announce the latest installment of a tradition we now truly look forward to as a highlight of each year. For our 2021-2022 Veritas x Icelantic Nomad 105 Skis, we turned to Boulder's Morgan Mandala, who rose to the challenge with artwork featuring boldly colored geometric shapes above pristine snow-capped mountains. 

Acclaimed for her work on circular canvases, Mandala's imagery focuses on the interplay of fantastic naturalism and interlocking shapes. Originally from Chicago, the dichotomy of Mandala's paintings—juxtaposing the abstract with flourishes of natural splendor—felt like a perfect fit for the 2021-2022 edition of our ski collaboration with Icelantic.

In an artist statement, Mandala described her work as a visual exploration of "our connection to the world, each other, and our inner selves, living the conscious human experience."

"Mandalas are graphic representations of the universe," she explained, "sharing the multiplicity and the singularity, the macrocosm and microcosm. Objects and symbols in my paintings merge and are re-interpreted to create a metaphor for our seamless connection to the world."

At Veritas, we believe cannabis can offer a similarly seamless connection, which is why we're  thrilled to have this chance to celebrate a number of things that speak to our vision all at once with our latest Veritas x Icelantic custom skis release.

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