September 23, 2020

Terp Talk – Terpenes 101

Welcome to 'Terp Talk' where we will be sharing an inside look at what we do here at Veritas Fine Cannabis and what we look for in order to grow the highest quality cannabis. We will share educational tips, techniques and stories from our experienced growers and geek out on the history and evolution of cannabis. 

This week, we want to discuss the importance of terpenes. Terpenes play a significant role in the way we experience cannabis. Cannabis plants are known to produce well over 100 different terpenes, although only a few are commonly found in strains. When you crack open that jar, that distinct aroma that fills the room is due to terpenes within the oils secreted in the trichomes of the plant. As great as this smell is, these aromatic terpenes actually have an evolutionary function within the plant.

These heavy oils developed over time provide a form of defense for the plant by warding off herbivores, attracting predatory insects that feed on the plant's 'enemies' and attract pollinators. Content and concentration differs between location on plant, growth, light, heat, & moisture. Cannabis isn’t the only place we find terpenes. They’re also produced by various herbs, fruits, and plants. Some animals also utilize terpenes (such as the Swallowtail Caterpillar, which stockpiles terpenes from host plants and uses them as a foul-smelling defense against predators) (Source: 

We are now in the age of the cannabis connoisseur. Pallets have evolved and growers are learning more and more about the properties of the cannabis plant and how to improve their craft. Understanding what truly provides the aroma, effect and taste of different strains will help you have a more enjoyable cannabis experience.

Our goal is to elevate your cannabis experience by providing you with the tools and knowledge to shop based on the desired effect or taste you're looking for.‍ Understanding the various components, such as terpenes, of cannabis will take your cannabis experiences to new heights. Next time you shop, ask about the terpene profiles and don't focus too much on the THC percentage.  


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