December 17, 2020

The Lasagna Project and BRFeeds Work to Feed the Community

December 17, 2020 Steven Bonifazi Business & EducationFood

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Big Red F Restaurant Group is launching The Lasagna Project at Jax Fish House with BRFeeds Our Community to provide food to those struggling with food-insecurity within the community.

Those who order from The Lasagna Project in addition to all other Big Red F restaurants will have the option to donate $10, $20, or $35. The donations will be utilized for preparing trays of lasagna for individuals in need.

“This program will also allow us to re-employ multiple staff members to prepare the meals,” said Adam Reed, Jax Fish House’s director of operations.

Big Red F will also be partnering with various non-profit organizations in towns along the Front Range to distribute these lasagnas to the food insecure. The Lasagna Project’s menu will be available to pre-order for Friday pickup at Jax or delivery through their own WeDeliver service every week.

Lasagna baskets include salad, bread, a red-checkered tablecloth, a Spotify playlist, movie recommendations, and optional wine from Denver’s Attimo Wine. Orders will need to be placed by 11:59 pm each Wednesday to get pickup or delivery on Fridays.

Big Red F is also partnering with non-profit Friends In Weed, which is made up of Veritas Fine Cannabis, Olio, Cookies, Higher Grade and Slang Worldwide. Funds raised through Friends In Weed will go directly to Big Red F Restaurant Group and Culinary Creative.

Big Red F will use these funds to support BRFeeds Our Community efforts and provide meals to furloughed and reduced-wage staff due to covid-19.

“We are so thankful to Friends In Weed for supporting our industry in a way that’s truly making a difference, both for our struggling employees and the greater needs of the communities in which we live and serve,” said Dana Query, co-owner of Big Red F.

For more information regarding Friends In Weed, visit:

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