Tobias Ripsom

Partner: Administration + Brand Expansion

Toby Ripsom, a co-founder of Veritas, is currently focused on product development for his new line of luxury cannabis topicals, Avér.


His connection to cannabis is rooted in its medical utility: In 2012, Toby lost his father to a 14-year battle with cancer. Through the course of his father’s fight, Toby saw that cannabis was an effective complementary tool for pain management, with fewer side effects than pharmaceutical options. He was grateful to have access to a plant that helped ease his father’s suffering and improve his quality of life.  The experience shifted Toby’s career path: He relocated to Denver from his home state of Idaho, where he worked in real estate and investments, and eventually he helped co-found Veritas Fine Cannabis.


In addition to capital, Toby brings more than a decade of financial and operational management experience to Veritas. His professional background includes real estate management, development and investment. Toby holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of New Hampshire’s Peter T. Paul College of Business.  He currently lives in Denver with his wife and their dog. When not reading or writing, Toby still fancies himself an athlete on the side of a ski hill and is an avid student of yoga.

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