November 9, 2021

Veritas Cannabis, Elevating Sustainable Practices in Cannabis

NOVEMBER 8, 2021


Warren Bobrow has been a dishwasher, the owner of the…

Veritas Fine Cannabis in Colorado has kept itself ahead of the rest of the industry with quality products, innovative branding, and promotions.

No, the company is breaking away from the rest of the pack by appointing environmental health and safety manager, Elizabeth Lee, to spearhead their sustainability efforts. Along with her degree in environmental studies, Ms. Lee was recognized as the woman for the job after internal meetings revealed her deep interest in sustainable practices.

DENVER—Oct. 26, 2021 —Veritas Fine Cannabis, Colorado’s original craft cannabis, today announced the company’s new position of Environmental Health and Safety Manager, promoting packaging lead Elizabeth Lee into the key role. The position will oversee company initiatives to advance sustainability, including energy conservation and packaging, two notorious problem areas for the global cannabis industry.

“Veritas has championed sustainability since inception and we are very eager to leverage this new role and Elizabeth’s background to elevate this commitment to new proportions,” said Mike Leibowitz, CEO of Veritas Fine Cannabis. “We started ‘Veritas Talks’ last summer, where employees have a platform to spark conversations about how we can progress as a company. Through this, Elizabeth shared several ideas we implemented and immediately felt an impact, so much so that it flourished into this new position.”

“Sustainability is something I’ve always found passion in, along with working in cannabis,” said Elizabeth Lee, Environmental Health & Safety Manager at Veritas Fine Cannabis. “Having the opportunity to help Veritas be at the forefront of sustainability in the cannabis industry is a dream for me.”

Ms. Lee holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies from American University and is approaching the final year of her master’s degree in the Environmental Health & Safety program at the University of Denver. In addition to spearheading sustainability initiatives, Elizabeth will oversee Veritas’ environmental health and safety program.

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About Veritas Fine Cannabis

Quality, consistency, honesty, and preserving the unique terpene profile of each strain—these are the guiding principles that set Veritas Fine Cannabis apart as one of America’s first premium cannabis wholesalers. Named after the Roman goddess of truth, Veritas is more than a cultivator; it is a curator of the cannabis experience. From first cuts through harvest and packaging, the Veritas team does everything by hand to optimize the full expression of a strain’s terpenes that yield singular effects. The company continually adds to its library of hundreds of proprietary genetics and catalogs each cultivar by terpene profile so consumers can find the perfect Veritas product to fit their individual needs. With buzzworthy strain drops each month, Veritas leads the market in connoisseur cannabis. For more information, visit

I had the opportunity to dig a little bit deeper into Veritas Fine Cannabis and it made me appreciate their website even more. This is a brand that resonates with nerds like me!

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Warren Bobrow: Please tell me about yourself? Why Cannabis? What brought you to the plant?

Elizabeth Lee: I am originally from Minnesota and lived there my whole life until I went to college. I took the big leap and moved out East to attend college at American University in Washington D.C. I have a Bachelor of Arts in environmental studies and a minor in sustainability. After graduating, I decided to move to Colorado without even visiting, and it was the best decision for me. I knew with my degree I could find a job I’m passionate about and decided to look into the cannabis industry. I saw that growing the plant was energy and water-intensive and required copious amounts of packaging. With no federal regulation and influence, I felt the cannabis industry had the opportunity to be at the forefront of environmental sustainability. And once I started working in a cultivation and packaging facility, I saw the hazards workers are exposed to, and it made me think a lot about the health and safety side of cannabis. In June of 2020, I decided to pursue my Masters at Denver University in Environmental Health and Safety. I am set to graduate in June 2022.

Warren Bobrow: Indoor or outdoor grown? Why? Organics? Biodynamics? Favorite strain? Grown by whom? 

Elizabeth Lee: As a home grower, I prefer to grow outside. Why not take advantage of the Colorado sun! My favorite Veritas strain is Tropicana Cookies. I love the pungent citrus smell and taste that comes from it.

Warren Bobrow: What are your six and twelve-month goals?

Elizabeth Lee: A sixth-month goal of mine is to execute a company-wide safety policy. We want to implement new employee safety training and quarterly training thereafter to ensure every employee feels safe and confident doing their job. OSHA has not set standards specified to cannabis yet, but there will be a time when that happens, and Veritas wants to be at the forefront.

As a twelve-month goal, we want to reduce our reliance on new packaging and find a solution to sanitize and reuse our cannabis jars. Package waste is a serious issue, and we need to divert waste from landfills. Since we already use glass jars, the opportunity to sanitize and reuse them would divert many of these jars from even making it as far as the recycling bin.

Warren Bobrow: Favorite food when stoned? Favorite food memory from childhood? Do you cook? Who taught you? 

Elizabeth Lee: I would say my favorite foods to eat when stoned are desserts. I really love watching “The Great British Baking Show” and have now taken a liking to gourmet desserts. Tarts, mousses, cakes. The show gives me a lot of inspiration to expand my baking skills, as well! I also really enjoy cooking. My great-grandma Kate used to cook and bake such amazing things when I was younger—so good that we had a recipe book created before she passed away. I still cook her recipes to this day. Some of my favorites are tater tot hotdish and her famous waffle cookies. I also love finding food accounts on Instagram and making their recipes.

Warren Bobrow: What is your passion?

Elizabeth Lee: I am passionate about living a life that considers the health of people and our planet. I’ve always enjoyed making changes that better my life and the overall environment. I think we forget that we all have an opportunity to ignite change and one person can have a great influence on others.


Warren Bobrow has been a dishwasher, the owner of the first company to make fresh pasta in South Carolina , a television engineer and he even worked at Danceteria in NYC, then a trained chef which led to a twenty year career in private banking. A cannabis, wine and travel aficionado, Warren is a former rum judge and craft spirits national brand ambassador. He works full time in the cannabis business as an alchemist/journalist. Instagram: warrenbobrow

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