April 12, 2023

Why Colorado Tokers Love Grape Cream Cake


Grape Cream Cake will remind adult tastebuds how good grape soda is.

Grape Cream Cake will remind adult tastebuds how good grape soda is. Herbert Fuego

Root beer floats are an underrated dessert, but why stop there? Coke, orange soda, Mountain Dew and ginger ale all play well with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Yet all of those fall behind a grape soda float.

People abandon grape desserts after puberty, but a sweet, creamy purple float on a summer day will make you realize what you've been missing. Too cold outside for a float? Go to Voodoo Doughnut and get a coffee and Grape Ape, a grape-flavored doughnut named after the classic, now-endangered purple pot strain. Can't grab a Grape Ape? Head to the pot shop and look for Grape Cream Cake. It's never been easier to find.

This mix of Grape PieIce Cream Cake and Wedding Crasher is being pushed by over a dozen Colorado growers and extractors right now, with each version delivering a different mix of grape gasoline and sweet cream aromas. Some are more purple than others, but every version I've tried has been extremely powerful under the eyes, and ultimately provides a relaxing, stress-killing high.

Purple cannabis will always be alluring, even if it doesn't necessarily mean you're smoking anything better or different. But when the smell and flavor match the color so closely, you have to respect that, because flavorless, sedative weed strains are a dime a dozen. Grape Cream Cake easily deserves a top-ten spot in the purp power rankings right now thanks to those sensory qualities, and it has the potential to breed interesting offspring, as well.

Looks: Grape Cream Pie's deep-purple buds are impressively dark, which makes the trichomes and calyxes look even greasier. Nug shape may vary, but the strain's density is consistent among every grower I've tried.

Smell: Sharp, sweet aromas of grape soda with pungent notes of chemical cleaner and gasoline fill my nostrils every time I smell Grape Cream Cake, with quieter notes of vanilla, berries (sometimes) and a sour back end.

Flavor: Grape Cream Cake does a better job than most "grape" strains at translating that tongue-coating sweetness of grape candy into the flavor, but the sweetness and gasoline notes are liable to overpower the fruitiness occasionally.

Effects: Eye drops can rarely hide how stoned I am after smoking this one because of how puffy and baggy my eyes get. Luckily, Grape Cream Pie provides extremely relaxing effects to match. Daily anxiety and stress disappear for a few hours, and my body feels loose and warm. You'll have enough energy to make a grilled cheese or call in a food order, but don't plan on moving much.

Where to find it: Grape Cream Cake is pretty easy to find around Denver right now. We've recently spotted it at 1136 Yuma, 14er, Alto Dispensary, Berkeley Dispensary, Callie's Cannabis Shoppe, Canna City, Cherry Peak, Cookies, Del Mundo Cannabis, the Dispensary Littleton, Emerald Fields, FlyHi Delivery, Golden Meds, the Green Solution, Green Valley Dispensary, the Happy Camper, Karing Kind, Kaya Cannabis, the Kind Castle, Lakeshore Cannabis, Leiffa, Life Flower Dispensary, Lightshade, Lit, Lova, Lowell Gardens, Medicine Man, Nature's Medicine, Native Roots, Oasis Cannabis Superstores, Park Hill Gardens, Rocky Mountain Cannabis, Simply Pure, Social Cannabis, Spark Dispensary, Stadium Gardens, Trees, Twin Peaks Dispensary and Unity Road, but more stores probably carry it.

Antero Sciences, Boulder Built, D and D Medical, Leiffa, LoCol Love, Natty Rems, Three Rivers Development and Veritas Fine Cannabis all grow their own versions of Grape Cream Cake, with Colorado Harvest's and Leiffa's grown in-house. My favorite cut so far is from LoCol Love, with a close second from Boulder Built.

14er Boulder, Binske, Glacier Concentrates, Harmony Extracts, Haze Silver, Leiffa, Natty Rems, Nomad Extracts, Reefa, Sunshine, TasteBudz, Viola Extracts and West Edison are a handful of the extractors working with Grape Cream Cake right now, and Dialed In makes rosin-infused edibles with Grape Cream Cake, as well.

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