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VERITAS [ver-i-tas, -tahs]:
In Roman mythology, meaning
truth, the goddess of truth

About Veritas Fine Cannabis

For us, cannabis is personal.  

Most of us, and many of you reading this, have a reason we are looking to bring cannabis into our lives.  At Veritas, we want to make sure every consumer can find the strain best suited for them, every time.   

Terpenes are organic compounds, responsible for the scent of many plants.  They are also the single most important factor in determining how cannabis will affect a person.  We focus on understanding the terpenes found in each of our strains, and we cultivate to maximize their presence in our flower.  

We have one goal; quality over everything.  We offer the most consistent, terpene rich flower on the market and pride ourselves on the unique, labor intensive processes behind our cultivation.  From seed to sale, the entire process is completed by hand.  From the garden to the packaging room, every step has been designed to ensure the freshest, cleanest premium flower experience in the country.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to cannabis or a connoisseur who has used the plant for years, we welcome you and are here to help.  #InCannabisVeritas

The Process

Mothers & Clones

As many as 400 cuts are taken from our mother plants each week. After being removed from the mom, these cuts are manicured and placed into our cloners, which provide an optimal environment for the cuts to grow roots. After approximately 14 days in the cloner, the plants with the strongest root balls are moved into veg while any clone that has not developed at the same rate will be destroyed.


After forming roots, plants are moved from the cloner into a 2 gallon, coco filled pot. Depending on a number of factors, plants will spend the next 7-10 weeks here, where they are hand watered and pruned every day as they develop under 18 hours of light per day. After completing the first portion of veg, the best and strongest plants are moved into 20 gallon pots, where they will live for the rest of their grow cycle. They will spend the next 2-3 weeks under veg lights where they will grow a distinctively thick stalk before being moved into one of our flowering rooms.


Our plants flower for 61 days in atmospheric controlled environments under high pressure sodium light fixtures. During this time, the grow team cares for every plant by hand every day, allowing them to quadruple in size before harvest day. In addition to watering and pruning each plant, during this time the team will add as many as 100 bamboo stakes, carefully spreading each branch to allow light to penetrate throughout. This process creates an optimal environment for forming trichomes, the foundation of the terpene rich flower that Veritas is known for.


On harvest day, the harvest team removes all fan leaves and each bamboo stake while cutting each plant down by hand. Plants are then moved to one of our climate controlled drying rooms, where the entire plant is hung. This process allows for moisture to slowly be removed from the plant while preserving the integrity of those precious trichomes.

Dry & Cure

Adjusting the cure process to Colorado’s changing seasons is the responsibility of our team of quality control masters. This specialized group uses their highly trained nose, discerning eyes and years of experience to determine when the flower is ready to be trimmed.


After being cured to our standard, our in-house team will hand trim the entire harvest, ensuring each and every gram is good enough to be called Veritas. Like every other step, our trim technique is labor intensive and precise. After trimming, small buds are separated for use in our joint products, while premium buds are broken out to be packaged as grams, eighths or 10g Dimes of flower.


The final stop, before shipping to stores across the state, is our packaging room. Here, the product is checked a final time before being weighed on a state certified scale. Cured flowers are placed into one of our signature black jars, where they will maintain optimum freshness until the seal is cracked. Small buds are then separated and packaged in our 1G pre-rolls and Dime Jars while premium buds are broken out to be packaged as eighths or half ounce jars.

Product Showcase


Now offering a new way to build your own Half Oz. with the Veritas 4-pack. Stock up on your favorite strains, or mix and match flavors to create the ultimate Half Oz. pack.

Purchase three Eighth jars and get the fourth one for 10 cents in special to-go packs. Customers can mix and match any flavors in stock and we will be offering a product credit back to stores each month for every 10 cent Eighth sold.

*Cannot use coupons or discount codes in conjunction with the Build Your Own Half Ounce 4-Packs

First Cut represents the first time that Veritas Fine Cannabis has grown a strain. This unique line gives connoisseurs the opportunity to to sample a product that is yet to be determined is commercially viable.

Dime Jar

Same hand-trimmed Veritas quality petite nugs. The Dime consists of 10 grams of our premium quality small buds. Hand-grown, harvested, trimmed and packaged in Denver, CO.

Premium 1/8th Jars

It was a big decision to only offer our product in our packaging. We did it because we wanted every customer to know that the product they were opening was just as we intended it. Full of terps, flavorful and effective. And it hasn’t been touched by anyone since being packaged. Our signature black jar keeps light out and freshness in, preserving the flower so that every time you crack open a jar you are hit with the unmistakable aroma of Veritas Fine Cannabis.

Pre-Rolled Perfection

Our expertly rolled joints deliver great taste and a slow burn. All joints are ground from full buds of small-batch, top quality craft cannabis that’s hand grown, harvested, trimmed and packaged in Denver, Colorado.

Pheno Hunt

When the garden is hunting for a new strain, they will grow multiple phenos in order to identify which ones are best for commercial cultivation. We look for cuts that drink lots of water, yield well at harvest time and provide cured flower that is full of flavor. Typically, the garden will narrow the choices down using grow data, but occasionally we find multiple phenos that work, creating an opportunity to pick based solely on smell, flavor and effect. Occasionally, we need help picking a winner. The Veritas Fine Cannabis pheno hunt is an opportunity for fans of the brand to offer their opinion on which cut should join the veritas library.

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