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At Veritas, we pride ourselves on growing the best cannabis flower in North America. As the first recreational cannabis wholesaler in Colorado, we are pioneers of the legal and regulated market and are always seeking to perfect our craft: growing top-shelf cannabis carefully by hand, and guiding consumers to the perfect strains for their preferred desires. 


This new era of cannabis can be confusing and overwhelming: So many different strains and terpene profiles, so much insider lingo! How do you find the strain that makes you feel the way you want? Our interactive Choose Your Adventure classification system simplifies the process and opens the doors to strategic discovery.


Our team of cultivation experts, who are among the pioneers in this space, our dedication to the plant has only grown stronger: We have honed the plant’s natural terpene and cannabinoid production, and we’ve perfected our ever-expanding library of unique genetics. All of our plants are watered, staked, nurtured, harvested, trimmed and packaged by hand, resulting in superior terpene profiles and elevated cannabis experiences.  


Regardless of whether you are new to the world of cannabis or have reached connoisseur status, we have a vast selection of unique strains to elevate your adventures—invigorating the body and inviting inspiration into the mind while rejuvenating the soul and alleviating the stresses of the day. 

In Roman mythology, Veritas is the goddess of truth; at Veritas Fine Cannabis, we work every day to grow best-in-class cannabis that helps you access your truest self.



The Process

The Seed

When selecting a new strain, we start by planting up to one hundred seeds of a specific strain.  After a couple of months the plants start to show their sex.  Male plants are removed while female plants continue the journey.  The best plants originating from these seeds are called ‘Mothers’ and are moved to our mother room.  Eventually, these plants are cloned to ensure a consistent product moving forward due to the use of a specific phenotype for all clones.

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