December 21, 2021

Cool Cannabis Merch: How Cannabis Brands are Branching Out From Cannabis Products

It’s time to think beyond rolling papers by embracing the marketing potential of cannabis company merch that matters.

Far from simply being a matter of having something to sell, the thought and care demonstrated by a company in choosing the details of a line of merch can also offer a direct window into their overall values and approach as an organization. This is true for any number of industries, but it’s especially relevant in legal cannabis, where the ability to connect with customers isn’t easy. That’s why we offer merchandise and accessories that intentionally correspond with the overall quality of our brand, and in that way, we can become a household name. 

Veritas holds true to our core value of quality across the board. That means whether it's our products, customer service, displays, events, or merchandise and accessories, we always aim to produce with a level of quality that customers are happy to showcase. We want our brand on the backs of people who work with and talk about our products every day. Our wonderful store partners and budtenders need to be properly outfitted. 

We’re all about making the world of cannabis more transparent. And though you might not think it at first glance, you can tell a lot about a brand based on the merchandise they choose to offer. While we’re in the business of growing world-class strains, we’re also growing our company in a land where not so long ago, this subject was illegal. So we like to shed light on everything we do to give you, a curious cannabis consumer, a peek into what working in the cannabis industry is really like. 

Unlike virtually every other industry in America, cannabis companies are currently restricted—either by law or by choice of the media outlet—from advertising in places where consumers will see it in print, on television or hear about it on the radio. Just try to imagine starting a new business and being unable to get the word out through any of these vital mediums. Sure, it’s tough, but we accepted the challenge and have managed to offer an opportunity for people to represent their favorite cannabis brands while at the same time acting as Veritas brand ambassadors.

What about social media for promotion? Sadly, that’s a mess of its own! Despite the fact that mainstays like Instagram and Facebook would be fully within their right to allow paid advertisements from cannabis brands as well as sponsored posts, they’ve thus far opted to uphold a stance of hard prohibition. As a result, even the biggest and most established legal cannabis companies—and advocates too—have seen their accounts on these apps shadowbanned, suspended or deleted at a moment’s notice.

With so many obstacles facing cannabis brands that just want to market themselves, unique and thoughtful merchandise has become a major way for companies like Veritas to stick out in a crowded marketplace. That means going above and beyond standard “promotional items” like cheap lighters, matchbooks, rolling papers and other disposable ephemera, and focusing on cannabis merch and accessories that people actually like and care about. We position our merch to be attractive from points of both quality and fashion.

Creating merch that speaks directly to the soul of what your brand is about is essential. That’s why Veritas is immensely proud of the product line we’ve curated, featuring well-made, artful items with real use and plenty of Veritas vibes. 

At our core, Veritas is connoisseur-grade cannabis—so anything with the Veritas name on it should be the same. Like our showpiece smoking accessories and party gear. Or the Veritas-Smokus Focus Eclipse display jar (it’s the most powerful display jar ever made). Even our comfy graphic tees and plush blankets are top-shelf products.

As opposed to slapping our name on some cheesy tchotchkes that are tailor-made for the landfill, we also see our cannabis merch line as a chance to uplift artists we love, like Joe Palec. His glass rolling tray is a perfect example of the beautiful signature items we’ve thus far had the privilege to release.

Given our affinity for the outdoor pursuits that make Colorado one of the nation’s natural jewels, we’ve chosen to infuse our interests by partnering with artists and other brands we admire to create high-quality, memorable merchandise like the limited-edition skis we’ve produced for multiple seasons now in collaboration with Icelantic, an awesome Colorado-based ski company.

If anything, the lesson here is that if you make enough high-quality merch that people actually want and value, before you know it, you’ll have set your brand apart in an organic, authentic way. That’s no small feat considering the immense limitations we face as a cannabis business when it comes to utilizing traditional marketing channels. But it’s one that’s well worth pursuing, given that the rewards include increased recognition for wonderful creators in our local community and the chance to provide our customers with special items they will cherish for many years to come.

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