July 30, 2021

Introducing Veritas Dime Jars, a New Product Celebrating Elevated ‘Petite Nugs’

Don’t let their size fool you! These compact petite nugs are the same flavorful strains Veritas is known for, now featured in the Dime Jars line.

Let’s get real about petite nugs. Here at Veritas, petite is powerful. And by definition, petite nugs are simply the smaller-sized flower colas that form on the lower portion of a cannabis plant. They are equal in quality to our standard flower; they just don’t quite make the size cut for our premium 1/8th jars. But these special nugs have a misinformed reputation, with many confusing the size of the flower for the magic inside. When it comes to petite nugs, though, it’s important to appreciate that mass is not the factor to focus on.

Taking it Old School

Looking back on the legacy of the 20th century underground cannabis market, it was all about dime bags. So named for holding a small amount of weed, the baggies sold for $10, aka a “dime.” This standard unit of purchase was not made for mammoth nugs and often featured brown, crumbly buds full of seeds and stems, often of unknown origins. And yet, it did the trick. 

This history lesson is a reminder that the correlation between size and quality in the world of cannabis is a recent fad. 

As cannabis cultivation has broken new boundaries and reached new heights, the quality of cannabis has improved and has become more accessible to the market. As a result, we’re setting out to celebrate this cornerstone of cannabis culture in our own way, with our fresh lineup of Dime Jars. 

Veritas Dime Jars are an evolution of the same concept that made dime bags such a ubiquitous aspect of the old-school cannabis marketplace. Prior to legalization, the vast majority of customer purchases were for small amounts at a (hopefully) reasonable price. Now, we’re looking to carry this tradition forward with Dime Jars: An incredible way to sample a wide array of top-shelf flower at a more obtainable price.

Try New Strains With Premium Petite Nugs 

If saving money and getting to enjoy some of the best cannabis Colorado has to offer isn’t enough, buying tasty petite nugs also is a sizable step up in quality from those jars of shake and trim on the bottom shelf of your neighborhood dispensary. 

Here’s how we break down the harvest at Veritas: We designate the largest, most dense buds for 1/8th jars (either First Cut or Black Label) and use the smaller buds for pre-roll joints. But what about the petite nugs? That’s where Dime Jars come in. Each Dime Jar contains 10 grams of our premium petite nugs, allowing customers to stock up on their favorite strains and try new ones without having to break the bank. 

In keeping with the quality standards of all Veritas products, the flower in the Dime Jar is still the same hand-grown, harvested, trimmed flower packaged in Denver. Here, we never sacrifice quality for quantity. 

When it comes to what strains are available in the Dime Jar rotation, the better question might be which strains from our vast genetic library are not included—there’s a lot to choose from!

We’ve organized our rotating library of almost 100 strains by the effects they generate. There are five categories (Invigorate, Invite, Innovate, Alleviate and Rejuvenate) so look for the product category that you connect with the most. And it’s equally easy to see what’s currently on shelves through our strain finder.

Want to surf a Sativa-fueled wave of very potent, tart citrus? Look for a Dime Jar of Super Sour Lemon or another strain in the Invigorate category. How about a strain that features an uplifting, creative high paired with a flavor that marries floral notes with a smooth orange finish? If your mouth has started watering, you’ll want to seek out a Dime Jar of Miracle Alien Cookies, with other similar options in the Rejuvenate category

There are dozens of options dropping weekly across Colorado—connect with a retailer near you.  

With the world slowly opening once more and a summer spent in the company of fellow human beings now back on the menu, why not save a few bucks where you can and give Dime Jars by Veritas a try. Enjoy the variety and the value, without giving up any flavor, potency or quality that you’ve come to expect from Veritas. Learn more about the wide world of cannabis on the Veritas Blog

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