June 8, 2021

Take a Hike on the Wild Side: The Best Sunset Hikes in Colorado for Cannabis Enthusiasts

Are you ready for a Colorado nature safari? The only thing better than a local sunset hike is elevating the occasion with some Sunset Animal by Veritas.

The great outdoors are back!

Well, technically, nature never left, but with vaccines flowing and something akin to “normal” beginning to take shape, the chance to get the gang together and return to the majesty of mountain forests, waterside beaches and canyons is finally back on the table.

But not everyone is at a place where overnight camping excursions or big adventures feel super comfortable yet, which is why enjoying one of Colorado’s numerous destinations for a day hike and chance to take in the full splendor of a sunset is an excellent way to dip your toes back in the waters of outdoor recreation.

Naturally, at Veritas we have some favorite strains for every type of occasion. In this case, we’re all about the wonderfully mellow high delivered by our Sunset Animal. This Indica strain features a high that is both potent but also uplifting and relaxing—an ideal blending of traits from Sunset Animal’s parent strains of Sunset Sherbert and Animal Cookies.

Before you hit the trail, a couple quick disclaimers about nature and Colorado laws: First and most important, the state’s prolonged drought and heightened wildfire risk make it all the more important to check on local conditions and never use an open flame anywhere prohibited by law. And secondly, public consumption is a no-no—so please keep that in mind if you’re in the presence of others on the trail and just don’t be a jerk about it, mmmkay?  

Now, let’s get outside! Here are three of our favorite Colorado sunset hikes for cannabis enthusiasts:

Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs area

This may seem slightly obvious to any locals, but no list of places to watch the setting sun would be complete without this spot, which is so beautiful that it was literally named the Garden of the Gods. 

This registered National Natural Landmark lives up to its lofty name by offering numerous dramatic views and vast sandstone rock formations, all set against the backdrop of Pikes Peak and Colorado’s crisp blue skies. Rated No. 1 for parks in the United States and No. 2 for parks in the world by TripAdvisor in 2014 (and perennially in the top rankings year after year), the Garden of the Gods is fully spectacular.

For those seeking the best sunset vantage points, options include the Garden of the Gods Overlook, High Point Overlook and the Ridge Trail Overlook, plus various viewpoints on Palmer Trail. 

Want to make the incredible colors you’re watching a bit brighter? Add some of our Sunset Animal to the mix. Featuring a hearty dose of the terpene caryophyllene, there’s a cracked pepper punch to each puff of this delightfully piquant strain.

(Learn more: gardenofgods.com)

Bummer’s Rock, Boulder County

Don’t let the name fool you!

This popular climb is known not for disappointing hikers but in fact for rewarding them with beautiful views of Boulder Canyon and surrounding areas. Appropriate for hikers of all ability levels, this quarter-mile jaunt concludes in a brief, steep-but-fun rock scramble which in turn will take you to the summit.

From there, it’s all about soaking in the natural splendor around you. With flat stones ideal for relaxing and evening picnicking, gaze upon Boulder Canyon, Sugarloaf Mountain to the north and then simply retrace your steps for a quick return journey.      

If staring at the clouds and reveling in the sky is your vibe, then be sure to try our Sunset Animal strain or other offerings in the Veritas Alleviate category. It’s the mindset of the great outdoors in a jar! 

(Learn more: gohikecolorado.com/bummers-rock)

Devil’s Head Fire Lookout, southwest of the metro area

Located about an hour’s drive from central Denver, the Devil’s Head Fire Lookout trail begins with glades of tall aspens before a high meadow leads you to the lookout’s iconic red steps. 

Where do those steps go, exactly? To the Devil’s Head manned lookout facility, which is the only operational fire lookout in the state of Colorado. In fact, it is now over 100 years old—although the current structure was built in 1951—and it offers some truly gorgeous views for those willing to climb the 143 steps to the top (the stairs and lookout aren’t always open, but there are plenty of views to be had up there, regardless).

If you want to learn more about fire lookout’s history and legacy, be sure to check out this story. And if you visit, prepare to have your mind blown by this popular but still relatively under-the-radar gem of the Rampart Range area. 

And speaking of blowing one’s mind, that’s also the goal behind Sunset Animal by Veritas, which combines a mellow yet vibrant high with a lively, spicy flavor. 
(Learn more: alltrails.com/trail/us/colorado/devil-s-head-lookout-trail)

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