October 5, 2018

The Standard is Excellence

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

So Why Choose Veritas? | Weed Words

The differentiating factor that places Veritas above the rest stems from the significant time and effort put into each plant. Our hands-on approach is carefully executed to ensure the highest quality product from the seed to you, the customer. Here at Veritas, we pride ourselves on being one of the very few wholesalers in Denver to take the time to complete everything by hand. Giving our plants the maximum attention from beginning to end is shown in the results. This includes everything from hand-watering to hand-picking and individually harvesting plants to begin their journey as Veritas.

Our product is not only easy on the eyes, but tasty on the palate. When you consume Veritas, you know you are getting something that is properly grown, dried, cured, trimmed and ready to burn as it should. Along with great looks and fantastic taste, our terpene profiles are top notch providing an elevated cannabis experience.

Setting Us Apart | In Cannabis Veritas

Our drying and curing process is extra important to us. Drying and curing our flower properly dramatically alters the smoothness and harshness of the final product. Proper drying breaks down chlorophyl and proper curing breaks down any leftover minerals and undesirable sugars produced during the process. We do this to increase potency while providing a better flavor and aroma. It also reduces the chance of mold and bacteria providing an even higher quality product. With rooms modified specifically for different processes and factors such as humidity and dryness, we don't lose potency or smell while maintaining the high quality appearance.

At the end of the day, we want to give you a reason for choosing Veritas. We want you to recognize the difference from the initial contact. Whatever it is you are searching for, we want to make sure you are consuming nothing less than the best. In cannabis Veritas.


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