September 20, 2023

Why Colorado Tokers Love Dolato

Also known as Dosilato, this leathery strain smells like something Ron Burgundy would appreciate.

By Herbert Fuego

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September 20, 2023

Dolato's dazzling looks may lure you in, but the nurturing high brings you back.

Dolato's dazzling looks may lure you in, but the nurturing high brings you back. Herbert Fuego

Coming to grips with the fact that you're no longer young and hip takes time, and I'm still working through it. As I battle with aging pop-culture references and a fading ability to drink or digest junk food, though, weed is there to ease the pain.

There's nothing new and hip about Dolato, also known as Dosilato, either. As candy terps take over dispensaries, the strain's parents, Do-Si-Dos and a Gelato phenotype, are no longer new kids on the block. Take a look at Dolato's bespeckled buds and enjoy its no-nonsense high, however, and you, too, will stop wondering if you're in touch or not. It's the children who are wrong.

Dolato smells like something Ron Burgundy would appreciate. Opening a jar reminds me of rich mahogany, leather-bound books and pipe tobacco, and most of that successfully reaches my tastebuds. The high is straight to the point, eradicating minor stress while keeping curiosity and interest alive. After getting cut off for the third time on your drive home or having credit-card information stolen again, it's a good strain to have in your corner.

With strong bag appeal, a distinguished flavor and a firm but gentle high, Dolato's ability to shine through in today's world gives me hope that outdated concepts can be cool again one day. Maybe it's time to pull out the Brylcreem, spray on some Brut, and hit the town this weekend.


Looks: Known for a rich array of reds, purples, blues and greens with impressive trichome coverage, Dolato's buds are a sight to behold, even by modern standards. Of the handful of cuts I've seen, all of them were above average in size and density.

Smell: Despite the strong Cookie influences in Dolato's parents, I get a lot of pine, tobacco, leather and teak. It's quite a manly combination, and anyone who enjoys a cigar bar or the smell of an old-school barbershop will probably enjoy it.

Flavor: Dolato's rich, tarry flavors are bitter and earthy, but mostly in a good way. Playing off the pine and tobacco aroma, the smoke does remind me of an unflavored blunt wrap, but with a heavy layer of gas and a zesty back end. I could use a small hint of citrus or a little more sweetness, but still appreciate the taste overall.

Effects: Unless I'm dealing with a major problem, stress ceases to exist after smoking Dolato. I move a step slower and might forget how to spell a word or two, yet the high leaves plenty of physical energy for leisurely activity. Physical relaxation is inevitable, so I like to keep Dolato for the evening or nap-friendly afternoons, but the doldrums can be avoided with caffeine or responsible toking during the day.

Where to find it: We've caught Dolato or Dosilato at Cherry Peak Dispensary, Everbloom, Golden Meds, Good Chemistry, Green Dragon, Green Valley Dispensary, Kind Care of Colorado, Laughing Grass, LivWell Enlightened Health, the Lodge, Lova, Magnolia Road Cannabis Co., Medicine Man, Mighty Tree, Native Roots, Oasis Cannabis Superstores, Park Hill Gardens, Rocky Mountain Cannabis, Social Cannabis, SoHi Dispensary, Standing Akimbo and Twin Peaks Dispensary.

Clarity Gardens, Dro, Good Chemistry, Natural Remedies, Shift and Veritas Fine Cannabis have all recently sold Dolato or Dosilato around Denver, with pre-rolls from Good Chemistry, Haze Silver and Natural Remedies. Denver Dab Co., Eureka, Green Dot Labs, Mile High Xtractions and Natural Remedies have produced various concentrates of the strain, too, though more growers and extractors probably work with Dolato.

Dro, Good Chemistry and Shift all grow solid takes on Dolato at good value for the price, but the Dosilato #8 from the First Cut line by Veritas has been my favorite rendition so far. It might be too late to grab that First Cut run, but you can still find Dosilato from Veritas across Colorado.

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