October 27, 2023

Why Colorado Tokers Love Gastro Pop

The high is quite uplifting if you can manage the munchies.

By Herbert Fuego

October 25, 2023

Gastro Pop turns everyday lunch hunger into desert island starvation.

Gastro Pop turns everyday lunch hunger into desert island starvation. Herbert Fuego

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There's a sect of people who believe that all ailments can be cured with proper gut bacteria. I'm not here to dispute that notion; yogurt is fantastic. But probiotic drinks or sea moss probably won't be part of my diet any time soon. Besides, I don't need help with an upset stomach now that I have Gastro Pop.

Give a seldom smoker a bong hit, and chances are they'll want to mow down a sandwich or bag of chips. Give them a rip of Gastro Pop, and you'll have no choice but to find a buffet. This accurately named hybrid of Apples and Bananas and Grape Gasoline can make stomachs growl thirty minutes after lunch and turns an everyday appetite into desert island starvation. Such munchies are divisive among the joint circle unless they're expected, but we're about to reach bulking season, so get that frozen pizza ready.

Ignorant to its other effects, I waited a while to smoke Gastro Pop on a legitimately full stomach, but then quickly discovered an energetic, creative and talkative side to the high. Still, the munchies become so strong that all of these social and uplifting effects will be reduced to side effects unless a proper amount of protein is in my belly. Besides Gastro Pop's obvious ability to induce hunger or gluttony — which is going to come in handy for Thanksgiving — I'll be keeping it around for after-dinner walks and adventures.

Looks: Compact and covered in blue and purple spots, Gastro Pop is modern, striking, and screams "couch lock" to most users. The plant itself is even more intimidating, with purple fan leaves and bulky buds that look stacked on top of each other. Don't let its vivid colors and trichome coverage scare you away during the day, though.


Smell: A blast of overripe fruit, rubber and spicy wood comes first, but on further inspection of Gastro Pop, I notice clearer hints of apples, berries and a subtle chemical undertone. It's an invigorating smell, to say the least, similar to white wine or funky cider.

Flavor: Despite all of its characteristics, Gastro Pop is quite balanced and very enjoyable. Its sweeter flavors shine at first, with hints of everything from apples to grapes to strawberries noticeable up front. Spicy, gassy notes appear toward the end of the hit, but a funky, almost fizzy taste takes over after the exhale.

Effects: Eat a hearty meal before smoking Gastro Pop, and you'll likely find the high refreshing and focused, which is great for a daytime session. At night, it can even be somewhat of an aphrodisiac if you're lucky enough to have a pot-smoking partner — yet every time I smoke it on anything close to an empty stomach, I become Jabba the Hutt. Hunger, curiosity and social interest are all heightened after smoking Gastro Pop, but the hunger can dominate the experience if you're not careful.

Where to find it: We've seen Gastro Pop at Berkeley Dispensary, Boulder Wellness Cannabis Co., Callie's Cannabis Shoppe, Cherry Peak Dispensary, Colorado Harvest Company, Emerald Fields, Frost Exotic, Green Dragon, the Green Solution, Jars Cannabis, Life Flower Dispensary, the Lodge, Magnolia Road Cannabis Co., Medicine Man, Native Roots, Oasis Cannabis Superstores, Park Hill Gardens, Pig ’N' Whistle, Rocky Mountain Cannabis, Rocky Road, Social Cannabis, Solace Meds, Star Buds, Strawberry Fields and Trees Dispensary, but more stores likely carry it, given the growers who have taken on the strain.

Boulder Built, Super Farm and Veritas Fine Cannabis all grow Gastro Pop flower right now, while Callie's Cannabis Shoppe has an in-house take on the strain. Extractors Billo and Dadirri make concentrated versions of Gastro Pop for dispensaries, as well. Boulder Built's dark, resin-glazed flower has been my favorite way to enjoy Gastro Pop so far, but I haven't taken a dab of Billo's wax yet.

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