July 6, 2022

Ask a Stoner: Combining CBD Weed With THC


Ask a Stoner: Combining CBD Weed With THC


Dear Stoner: What are the best ways to smoke CBD and THC together? I’ve enjoyed a few, but haven’t found anything consistent.
Mild Hits

Dear Mild Hits: At least you’ve found a dispensary that still carries high-CBD strains, because they’re not so easy to find anymore. Most of the high-CBD strains I smoked two years ago aren’t on shelves today, and dabbable high-CBD concentrate is becoming increasingly rare, too. L’Eagle usually carries Cannatonic or ACDC, either of which are calm CBD strains, and Cherry Hills by Veritas is a wholesale high-CBD strain you can find at dispensaries around town. But if you don’t already trust these types of strains or concentrates, then try creating your own CBD salad.

Cherry Hills is used to ease stomachs and joints without the stoned mind. 

Herbert Fuego

High-CBD hemp flower and concentrates are sold online and at head shops and CBD stores. All of them allegedly have less than 0.3 percent THC (unless the hemp is sprayed with Delta-8 THC, which you should avoid if getting high isn’t your goal). Once you find a reputable supply of CBD-only hemp products, then it’s time to experiment. Pick your preferred THC strains for flavor and effect, add light amounts to the CBD flower or concentrate, and figure out the ratios that suit you best. Happy hunting.

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