November 10, 2020



Denver residents, there’s a new cannabis brand in town! The international cannabis lifestyle brand COOKIES has planted roots and opened a location here in town. 

On November 5, the COOKIES brand joined the country’s oldest recreational cannabis market by opening its first retail location. COOKIES opened shop in Denver’s iconic South Broadway neighborhood.

The cannabis COOKIES offers boast premium genetics. While COOKIES is ready to take the Denver recreational cannabis market by storm, they remain humble and grateful to join the industry and Denver’s cannabis community.

How did COOKIES begin? Well, COOKIES began with cannabis grow and breeding expert Jai and an entrepreneur/Bay Area rapper Berner, whose famous strain, Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), remains one of the most sought-after cannabis strains in the world. COOKIES started out in a San Francisco garage grow. Throughout its journey, COOKIES has maintained a goal: authenticity and innovative genetics.

The Denver retail location offers famous COOKIES strains, including Gary Payton, Gelatti, Cheetah Piss, White Runtz, Georgia Pie, and Sticky Buns. COOKIES will also offer heavy-hitting products from the broader COOKIES family of brands: LEMONNADE, RUNTZ, and COLLINS AVE. The location will also stock strains and products from several top-quality Colorado-based brands like Cherry, a buzzworthy and award-winning boutique local grower.

The new store features a grow operation that customers can view through an in-store window. Located at 2057 S. Broadway, the retail storefront is situated among various boutiques, music venues, eateries, and arts attractions. The South Broadway neighborhood, affectionately known as SoBo, has exploded into one of the focal points for Denver’s music and cultural scenes over the past decade.

Before their retail store opening, COOKIES had a presence in Denver’s cannabis community. Since May 2020, COOKIES offered its strains and products in Colorado dispensaries by working out exclusive partnerships with local cultivation operator Veritas Fine Cannabis and distribution and manufacturing partner, Slang Worldwide. 

COOKIES managed to show its talent for developing partnerships through grower partnerships and brand-owned retail locations. COOKIES strains and products are available in every legal adult-use recreational cannabis market in the United States through its efforts. This excludes markets that have recently legalized cannabis due to ballot measures during the 2020 elections. Still, I am confident we will see a COOKIES presence extended into those markets soon enough.

What sets COOKIE apart? They cite their control of the entire experience from start to finish, seed to sale. COOKIES take pride in their in-house cultivation, global varieties, and a full lineup of strain-specific products.

The COOKIES brand is a lifestyle. 

“Today, COOKIES is one of the most well-respected and top-selling cannabis brands in California and throughout the worldm” their website claims. “The company and its product are recognized globally and offer a stable of over 85 cannabis varieties and product lines, including indoor and sun-grown flower, pre-rolls, gel caps, and vape carts.

“COOKIES’ seed-to-sale business allows for complete quality control at every step—from cultivation and production to customers’ end retail experience. With a deep commitment to restorative justice and progressive drug policy, COOKIES actively works to enrich communities disproportionately impacted by the War on Drugs through advocacy work and social equity initiatives.” 

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