November 13, 2020

Cozy cannabis picks: Products to try while snuggling up this snowy weekend

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Casey Russell
Casey Russell

With the snow we’re expected to get this weekend, and since Vail and Beaver Creek aren’t yet open, my plans this weekend include indulging in the thing that many Coloradans enjoy. Yeah, you guessed it, marijuana.

My other weekend plans usually include getting really cozy under some blankets, drinking some tea and probably doing nothing of note. Fortunately, these things pair extremely well — dare I say perfectly — with the ganja.

Of course, every cannabis consumer has their own personal preferences: mine are smoking flower from a pipe or cartridge, edibles and other relatively low-key products. While this article will share my favorite THC picks for all your TLC needs, this list is by no means exhaustive.

And without further ado, here are some top picks for your coziest high.

Flower: Veritas Fine Cannabis First Cut

All of Veritas’ bud is hand-processed, from growing to packaging.
Casey Russell |

Part of my own self-care routine is impulse-buying artisanal food products — during quarantine, I had wine and cheese nights alone in my apartment with this delicious truffle gouda from Whole Foods — and that’s what you’re getting with any Veritas bud you buy. Every part of the process is completed by hand. Veritas grows each plant, hand cuts the nuggets, hand-packages the product in sealed containers for maximum freshness and consumer enjoyment

The First Cut line is Veritas’ first in-house cannabis project, and each strain of the developing product is cut and sold in small batches. The OG strain I got was package 62 of 96.

The attention to detail shows. The product itself looks noticeably nicer than its more traditionally-cultivated counterparts. It’s like the difference between fresh-baked loaf and grocery store sliced bread. Smoking it feels clean, and the high is pretty nice.

Veritas products are available at Native Roots Vail, Roots Rx in EagleVail and Tumbleweed in Edwards and Eagle.

Edibles: Wana Fast-Acting Gummies

Sometimes, when the goal is comfort, it’s best to go with the tried and true. For me, that’s Wana gummies. Fast-acting delivers on its promise, and the 5 mg gummies come in three cocktail flavors that correspond to sativa, indica and hybrid. I tried the Piña Colada indica ones, and they made hours of binge-watching “Masterchef” even better than it would be without the THC. The other two flavors are a sativa Peach Bellini and a strawberry Margarita hybrid.

Wana products are widely available at Vail Valley dispensaries.

Topicals: Coda Signature Symphony Bath Bombs

Uplift (left) and Balance (right) are two of Coda Signature’s Symphony Bath Bombs.
Casey Russell |

Self-care and bath bombs go hand-in-hand, and I’m a big bath person. So with the chance to add a little extra relaxation to my hot-water-plus-book time in the tub, of course I was about it. You can guess how it went, but hint: the answer is well. The package comes with calm, balance and uplift scents, all formulated with natural ingredients. I used calm, which is a woody, floral blend of cedarwood, lavender, sweet marjoram and benzoin.

While the price tag is definitely not cheap — at Roots RX in EagleVail, the 3-pack retails for $30 — you’re paying for quality ingredients. Sure, even CityMarket sells bath bombs now, but those are the most basic formulas you can get. Compared to Lush bath bombs, which can run up to $10 themselves, Coda’s have the basic active ingredients required for the bath bombs to fizz, plus natural additives like safflower oil and hemp seed oil, and that’s it. You’re not getting anything besides calming scents, good ingredients and THC.

Also, you’re not getting a head high from this product. It’s not meant to enter your bloodstream to cause those effects. It’s meant to soothe sore muscles and bones. And it’s not meant to hit you like a train, either, it’s more of a slow burn. And, as always with baths, bring some cold water in case it does hit you too hard.

Coda’s bath bombs are available at Roots RX and High Country Healing in EagleVail.

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