July 25, 2022

La Conte’s Leads The Cannabis Space by Launching A New Outlet Model to Help Brands and Consumers During Changing Times


La Conte’s, known for their top-quality cannabis and clone bar, is leading the industry with an innovative outlet model, La Conte’s Last Call, for their 5194 Washington Street location in North Denver. While new to the cannabis space, the outlet model is not a new concept. Many people are familiar with clothing stores like Nordstrom Rack or Off Fifth, who offer deep discounts on brands with overstocks or discontinued products. A simple packaging update could render a quality product obsolete. The outlet model is an ideal way for brands to reduce waste and for consumers to save without compromising on the quality they trust from their favorite brands. The cannabis industry has been on a roller coaster the last couple of years with COVID shutdowns, the state of the current economy, surrounding states legalizing marijuana and other factors weighing into sales projections and consumers’ buying decisions. Brands have faced outages, followed by overstocks. "One of the best things about being in the cannabis industry is that no two days are alike, but that has its challenges,” said Blythe Huestis, Senior Vice President of Retail for Long Play, USA, and parent company of La Conte’s Last Call. Huestis continued, “It also brings us closer. There is a unique bond among cannabis businesses, and we’re thrilled to bring this outlet model to Denver to help brands and consumers navigate this evolving world a little easier.” La Conte’s Last Call will feature top-quality brands like Veritas, Spherex, Willie’s Reserve and others, at oddly specific savings of up to 83% off. The outlet store will also continue to offer their ready-to-grow clones, which have become a fan favorite in the community.

About La Conte’s: La Conte’s has two locations in Denver, Colorado: La Conte’s Dispensary at 105 E 7th Avenue in Denver and La Conte’s Last Call Outlet and Clone Bar at 5194 Washington Street in Denver. Both locations offer a full suite of regularly priced products, in addition to the outlet pricing at the Washington Street location. The historic building on Washington Street enjoys a unique history. It served as a western-style saloon at one point and a speakeasy during the prohibition on alcohol. The building even featured tunnels that went all the way to the main railways in Denver to allow for the easy transport of alcohol. The tunnels are now bricked up, but the building keeps adding to its collection of stories, seeing the end of the second prohibition on marijuana and opening as a dispensary shortly after the ban was lifted.

For more information, please visit www.lacontesclonebar.com

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