May 2, 2022


, New Cannabis Beers And American Red Ales

Oskar Blues and Veritas have both released products celebrating the collaboration. Courtesy: Oskar Blues

The seasons are changing and craft brewers are keeping things fun with interesting new beers you’re gonna want to chase down this weekend.

Cannabis Do (Longmont, CO) – When Dale Katechis, the founder of Oskar Blues Brewery, joined the team at Veritas Fine Cannabis Colorado’s original craft cannabis company, last year, fans started drooling over the idea of a beer and bud collaboration. After all, both cannabis and hops stem from the same plant family, so yeah this had to happen. And now the wait is over.

Launching in tandem with a line of co-branded products from Veritas Fine Cannabis, Oskar Blues Veritasty (‘Veri Tasty’ get it?) is an uber-dank 7% ABV IPA that was inspired by terpenes found in Veritas’ extensive cannabis strain library.

“We took a completely different approach to the hemp beers that have been brewed before,” said Juice Drapeau, Head Brewer at Oskar Blues Brewery. “Instead of using hemp terpenes to cover up the hops that make IPAs great, we paired naturally occurring terpenes in hop strains with naturally occurring terpenes in cannabis strains from Veritas.”, New Cannabis Beers And American Red Ales

(Courtesy DuClaw Brewing)

Better Red Than Dead (Baltimore, MD) – DuClaw Brewing has a new addition to its core lineup that’s been in production for years and is finally getting the spotlight. Riding a stylistic resurgence, DuClaw Misfit Red is a 5% ABV American Red Ale that melds the instinct of the malty Amber with the snap of an Irish Red Ale.

‘Looking back at our core lineup, we saw an opportunity to diversify, and add flair without sacrificing flavor,” said DuClaw CEO and Founder, Dave Benfield. For longtime fans of DuClaw, ‘Misfit Red’ is a friendly face.”

New From The N/A Corner (California) – Non-Alcoholic beers have come a long way’s since your uncle used to order an O’Doul’s. And now Two Roads Brewing, one of our favorite brewing operations in the Northeast, has a new addition to the growing segment. The first in what will become a line of buzz-free beers from the brewery, Two Roads Non-Alcoholic Juicy IPA is both tasty and convincing.

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