April 20, 2022

OFM Reviews: Cannabis, 420 Blaze It

APRIL 20, 2022


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2022 Cannabis Reviews for 420!

Gonzo Goodies to Perk Up Your Spring
From indica to sativa, from flower to vapes, and all the way back down that river of feel-good magic to some tasty edibles, we have all the goodies you need to stay lit, gonzo, and groovy this spring.

Select Cliq PodsAs pods become more popular, Select has introduced Cliq. The battery-pod-combo is sleek, portable, and fits into the palm of your hand. Unlike traditional THC vaporizers, the pull is impeccably smooth and provides thick clouds without harshness.

Paired with their premium cannabis oil, I tested the Lemon Crush indica-dominant strain. Instantly there was a euphoric sensation that works for daytime productivity or nighttime relaxation. Cliq comfortably brings the best of Select’s high-quality oil and innovative hardware into the hands of cannabis consumers, while the strong magnetic pod and device connection ensure a secure fit that closes with a signature “click” sound. Select did not disappoint with the design or the quality when it comes to this new product.

Delta Extrax: Delta-8 Sour Diesel Infused Preroll and Delta-10 Green Cush Disposable Vape: Delta-8 Sour Diesel Infused Preroll — Sour Diesel has been a fan favorite since the 1990s, and for good reason. This sativa strain gets its name from the very pungent, diesel-like smell you’ll sense immediately upon opening the bag. The uplifting, dreamy, cerebral effects make this strain the perfect choice when you need to have a clear mind and have your creative juices flowing. No couchlock with this strain; expect to get everything on your to-do list done and then some! If you’re looking to smoke up before a night out, look no further.

Delta-10 Green Cush Disposable Vape — The Green Cush Premium Delta-10 THC Disposable is double the size of their other Delta-10 THC Disposables. At two grams of distillate, you’re getting a great-tasting Green Cush that has a tangy and citrus flavor, along with other fruit tastes. This indica-dominant strain has the perfect balance of flavor that is accompanied with a body sensation that’s commonly associated with indica strains.

Frost Exotic Cannabis Blue Gelatto 41: Blue Gelatto 41 is a Frost Exotic Cannabis speciality hybrid with a euphoric and relaxed high. This sweet treat’s taste and terpene profile is earthy, citrus, and fruity. We can’t get enough of this unique flower, and you can’t get this special cross and flavor anywhere else.

ebb Pink Lemonade: Choose your own high with ebb, an innovative, fast-acting THC dissolvable that mixes into any food and beverage to create a THC-infused edible. Delicious in water, and a game-changer in smoothies, just mix it in and mix it up. ebb Pink Lemonade is blended with real lemon, antioxidants, and all-natural flavors to bring true refreshment and relaxation.

Cheeba Chews Live Rosin, Strain Specific Green Apple Taffy: Infused with high-quality live rosin, solventlessly extracted from the strain Ice Cream Cake, these edibles have a sweet yet tart taste that produces more calming and sleepy effects. These taffy bits are chewy, as the name implies, but oh-so sour and sweet, the perfect compliment to relaxing after a long day.

COOKIES CBD Caps: Caps Daytime Clarity — Cookies’ Clarity capsule consists of invigorating lion’s mane and cordy cepsmushrooms alongside mood-lifting CBG, CBD, and Energy terpene blend. Perfect for any time of the day, the precise, non-psychoactive formula is designed to sharpen mental focus and boost energy.

Caps Nighttime Bed Head — Cookies’ Bed Head capsule consists of a five-in-one blend of immunity-boosting organic mushrooms, CBD, CBN, and Calm terpene blend. The relaxing, non-psychoactive formulation promotes rejuvenation and restful sleep, making it a perfect complement to any evening routine.

Cookies Fish Scale Flower: A cross between Gelatti and The Menthol strains, this sought-after strain is a collaboration between Cookies and Compound genetics. While a subtle high to start, Fish Scale’s effects come wave after wave, resulting in a strong high. We couldn’t get enough of this strain and will definitely be re-upping.

Davinici MIQRO: The Davinici MIQRO is a small, sleek, and sophisticated loose leaf vaporizer crafted to fit your lifestyle. We have packed all of the flavor, quality and precision that DaVinci is known for into the smallest premium vaporizer on the market today. The MIQRO is the perfect choice for the microdoser or light user. If you’ve been wanting to jump into vaping flower, or if you love flower but want to stop smoking, this is what you’ve been waiting for.

RippleRipple Sleep QuickDissolves—Nobody likes tossing and turning. By combining clinically proven fast-acting technology with the sedative properties of THC and CBN, Ripple Sleep products may help ease you into a restful night’s sleep. Add unflavored Ripple QuickDissolves powder, with a 2:1 ratio of THC to CBN, to your favorite nightcap, for a nighttime edible only you can dream up.

Ripple Sleep QuickGummies— If  you prefer gummies to a late-night beverage, these tasty treats have you covered. Ripple QuickGummies have a 2:1 ratio of THC to CBN and a delicious Berry flavor to lull you into dreamland

Ripple Mixed Berry QuickSticks— Feel the berrylicious flavor unfold with the deep, ripe flavors of pomegranate and the dark-berry acidity of açaí—plus a warm, sweet pop of just-picked ripe strawberries that lingers just the way you want it to.

Sugar High Chocolates and Gummies: Sugar High Chocolates — Inspired by iconic American treats like Oreos and Kit-Kats, Sugar High’s decadent chocolates are hand-crafted with the highest quality cannabis distillate and individually wrapped for convenience. Sugar High chocolates are available in Sea Salt Caramels, Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites, Cookies Bites, Classic Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate Cannafetti, Vanilla Wafer Bites, and Classic S’mores varieties. And yes, they really do taste like those delicious snacks you crave, just with a special kick.

Sugar High Gummies — Made from the finest ingredients, these gourmet gummies are individually wrapped for easy sharing and come in a number of varieties including: 1:1 THC/CBD Assorted Flavor and 1:1 THC/CBD Assorted Flavor Gummies, Watermelon Hybrid Gummies, Assorted Flavor Indica, and Assorted Flavor Sativa Gummies.

Tropix: Crafted with innovative extraction and refinement techniques, Tropix line of hybrid distillate vape cartridges are made with premium-quality, all-natural terpenes to provide the most flavorful and pleasurable experience imaginable. Each 500mg cartridge comes in four tropical flavors, including Blue Razz, Fruit Punch, Lemon Lime, and Strawberry. While some flavored vapes leave you wanting more effects and less empty flavor, the THC taste cuts through this one a bit in the perfect way. Even my husband, not a fruit vape stan, said it smells great.

Veritas Fine Cannabis Live Resin Cartridge: Colorado cannabis OGs Veritas Fine Cannabis (Colorado’s original craft cannabis brand) and Native Roots Cannabis Co. (Colorado’s leading dispensary chain) have teamed up to launch an exclusive line of live resin vape cartridges available at Native Roots retail locations across Colorado, starting at $65. Featuring small-batch, artisanal cannabis hand-nurtured by Veritas, these cartridges represent the only concentrate product in the market using fresh-frozen flower from Veritas. The 1000mg cartridges incorporate medical grade borosilicate glass, along with ceramic mouthpieces and heating elements. Seven best-selling strains were selected for these cartridges, which include Papaya Cake, Sour Diesel, Big Bubba Diesel, GG #4, Garlic Breath, Tart Pops, Bananaghani, and Ice Cream Cake.

California Corner
Lime Cannabis Co: Blue Raspberry Gummies — I will be the first to judge the mythical flavor that is “blue raspberry,” though, when it comes to Lime Cannabis Co.’s gummies, I don’t have anything bad to say. Perfectly sweet with zero hashy taste, this cannabis consumer had no trouble eating these tasty temptations, complete with a perfectly chewy texture. The high hit me fully within about an hour of eating the gummies and felt very even-keeled, as if I could turn around for a night out or a movie in. For fans of cannabis edibles that pack a punch, and fellow blue raspberry connoisseurs, don’t miss these!

Afghan Breeze Syringe — The full-spectrum oil syringe is one of the most versatile methods of cannabis consumption you can get your hands on. Even the label says, exclamation included, “Add syringe to anything! Apply to pre-rolls, blunts, bowls, drinks, food, dab it, and much more.” The oil is already activated, meaning if you aren’t down to smoke or dab—no problem. I tried the oil in a joint, which added a citrus-pine one-two of flavor to my flower without making the taste overbearing. It definitely packed a punch, initially feeling like more of an active high and settling in over time to feel a bit more relaxing. I definitely recommend picking up this syringe if you’re looking to add an additional punch of potency to your smoke (or smokeless) session!

22 Red New Flower Line: If you’re stopping by California any time soon, the new line of 22 Red flower should not be missed. Specially hand-selected for high quality flavor profiles and terpenes, you aren’t going to want to skip out on these delicious strains. There is something for every mood!

Good Stuff Cannabis DrinksGood Stuff is a California staple for anyone looking to sample some tasty beverages from the sunshine state. Whether your vibe is more lemonade, limeade, or pink lemonade, with the hot weather coming back, it’s time to crack open a cold one, whatever that means to you.

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