January 24, 2022

Our Favorite Weed Brands From Colorado

Here's your guide to finding quality cannabis in the Centennial State.

Photo by Joshua Resnick / Adobe Stock

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Cannabis has a long history in Colorado compared to other states. It has been legal for medical purposes since 2000, and the market and innovation have increased since it became legal for recreational purposes in 2012.

Colorado has at least two decades of experience in which cannabis producers have developed unique brands. Yet, not all brands have high-quality products.

Let’s review some of our favorite weed brands from Colorado.



Photo courtesy of Keef

Keef is the leading brand when talking about cannabis drinks. Their cannabis-infused beverages are a referent of new ways of enjoying cannabis.

Their catalog includes sodas, energy drinks, sparkling water, life water, and mocktails. These products are all pretty awesome already. But, Keef adds the magic of THC in them so that it takes your experience to another level.

The guys at Keef are committed to bringing people together and celebrating watching the world in a new way. The social progress of cannabis gives people new eyes to enjoy even more simple pleasures.

For example, taking a drink. A drink helps us meet new people and enjoy those that are always with us. A touch of cannabis makes it more fun.

It is a whole new adventure.Shop Keef

Chill Steel Pipes

This brand is specialized in vacuum insulated smoking devices. These steel pipes or bongs are indestructible compared to fragile glass devices. It is because they are made of such a resistant material as steel.

They are slim and stylish, so they have outstanding durability, and you look cool when using them. Plus, the material enhances some features of the bong, as the icy hit. 

Also, these pipes keep the ice frozen even if you forget them overnight. There is no sunny day hot enough that you couldn’t seize by refreshing with the icy hit of Chill Steel Pipes and the uplifting effects of weed.

If you are a bong user, you will find your new favorite toy in the catalog of Chill Steel Pipes. That it is if you are willing to take your sessions to the new generation of devices.Shop Chill Steel Pipes


Photo courtesy of Wana

Wana is a brand that is always at the vanguard of cannabis edibles. Why is it? Take gummies for instance. Everyone loves gummies and every edibles vendor has gummies in their catalog.

Well, any gummies you buy might melt into a pocket on a sunny day.

But, Wana solved this by manufacturing their gummies with vegetable pectin instead of animal gelatin. Pectin makes gummies much more resistant to temperatures.

That is an example of how Wana puts creativity into its products. They solve problems that users usually have so that they improve their experience using cannabis.

And, by doing so, Wana accents the joy that cannabis brings into users’ lives. That is how they have gained the fidelity of their customers.

If you are a fan of gummies, you might find your next favorite treat from Wana.Shop Wana


Photo courtesy of Viola

This brand is the result of the conviction that cannabis is beneficial to people. It started when Viola, the grandmother of the Viola brand founder, relieved the suffering of chronic glaucoma using cannabis.

From that moment, the idea of the brand was born. And today they sell some of the best concentrates and cartridges you can find in the market. 

Although the brand started with medical purposes in 2011, they now have more than 10 years of experience selling recreational weed.

In their catalog, you will find live resin, live rosine, shatter, and waxes. That is everything you would need to have a memorable experience dabbing or vaping concentrates.Shop Viola


Photo courtesy of Veritas

The guys at Veritas know how crucial it is for the experience of regular users and cannacurious to find the strain that suits them best. To achieve it, they have a strain library you can consult to learn what strains offer the experience you seek.

This is about making your day the best story it can be. No matter if you are new in the world of cannabis or a skillful user, Veritas can show you new ways of enjoying weed.

Growers at Veritas also focus on maximizing the concentration of terpenes in their flowers. That way they give you an intense experience of flavors and aromas when smoking your buds.

But also because terpenes have beneficial properties that enhance your experience using cannabis. When buying from Veritas you know you are buying premium-quality flower for the most memorable sessions.

Shop Veritas January 21, 2022 Written by Francisco Borrero

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