April 11, 2022

Spotlight on Veritas Director of Experience Taylor Saralli

Want to know how our awesome displays and can’t-miss events come together? Meet the woman at the heart of it all!

Taylor Saralli likes to say that every day at her job is a little different. As our Director of Experience, we rely on Taylor to design and execute the numerous events Veritas puts on over the course of the year. She is also responsible for maintaining relationships with all of our retail dispensary partners, and she oversees our sponsorships and charitable efforts. We joke internally that Taylor is the face of the brand, but it's also very true!

Her unique role is positioned within both our Sales and Marketing Departments, and with support from Veritas Marketing Support Specialist Natali Cadena, Taylor does everything from hanging new in-store displays to planning and executing complex events like last year’s Elevated Budtender Affair. Pulling double-duty for our sister brand Olio, Taylor is also in charge of event management for Olio, and she supports both brands at over 200 stores across Colorado.

Since joining our team in December of 2019, we’ve been fortunate to have Taylor’s creative spirit and can-do attitude anchoring our efforts to engage with the community, recognize local partners, and, of course, to celebrate Colorado’s finest cannabis. We wanted to give readers some insight into everything that goes into our partnerships, in-store displays events and more, so we asked Taylor to fill us in on how she makes it all happen and what she loves best about her work.

What goes into planning off-site Veritas cannabis events? What about ones that take place at a dispensary? 

First, I consider the guest demographic and the objective of the event. Then, I create a budget and build out an event brainstorm: venue, live music, food, drinks, experiences, etc. After that, I get to work! For in-store events, I receive requests from the sales manager associated with a particular store, as well as from our Director of Sales and Marketing. Then I work with both the store manager and our sales manager for that store and receive direction for the event or  promotion. Lastly, I create a budget and get to work!

What's the best part of your job? What's the most challenging?

The best part of my job is getting to do what I love every day and being valued for all of the work that I do. The most challenging part of my job is physically hanging and assembling some of our bigger / heavier visual merchandising collateral in stores.

What Veritas cannabis event or partnership that you’ve worked on has given you the most satisfaction? 

We had an event called the Elevated Budtender Affair on October 24, 2021. That is probably the most satisfying event that I have put on for Veritas and Olio thus far. We had about 750 budtenders join us for the three-part, two venue experience, which we created to show our love and appreciation for the people who sell our products.

What did the event consist of?

We hosted our guests at Evolve MileHi and shuttled them on cannabis-friendly party buses to Meow Wolf, so everyone could experience that fantastic exhibit within its first couple months of opening. We then shuttled our guests back to Evolve MileHi for an evening of live music, drinks and food. It was extremely successful and very memorable for everyone involved. I am very proud of this event!

Anything else you'd like to share about your day-to-day work?

Just that I love my job. Every day is different!

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