July 14, 2021

Summer Stargazing with Veritas’ Milky Weigh

Get your head into the stars with Veritas’ Milky Weigh. Telescopes optional.

Through countless real-world experiments, we’ve collectively determined some activities are simply better when cannabis is involved, thanks to a more vibrant sensory experience. And though obviously subjective, any 420-friendly Hall of Fame would certainly include stargazing.

Sure, it’s possible to appreciate the power of peering into the cosmos without any plant-based assistance, but there are also many who can attest to the radical tranquility one can channel by pairing the perfect strain with a night spent focused on starry skies. 

As with any outdoor activity, one must always be sure that comfort is a top priority. A little planning makes for an enjoyable evening: Remember to bring headlamps, blankets, pillows and bug spray along with your stash and a tasty beverage. Because there are truly few things better than nature’s best light show—with a little added brightness.

That’s why picking the right strain for the job can be a crucial part of the process! Perfectly named for the occasion, Veritas’ Milky Weigh is your must-have companion for some truly stellar summer nights.

Stargazing is all about hitting that right mix of relaxation, euphoria and wonder. The same can be said of Milky Weigh, which features an out-of-this-world blend of Zkittlez x Gelato—two of the best hybrids available today. As for flavor, expect a burst of zesty citrus fused with notes of pepper and clove. The dominant terpenes in Milky Weigh, caryophyllene and limonene, are also spotlighted in the many Veritas Innovate strains, such as Cherry Diesel and Super Sour Lemon, to name just a couple.

Though it wouldn’t be fair to suggest there’s ever a “wrong” night for taking up this activity, a full moon can dominate the picture and make it a bit tricky to spot constellations. That said, catching a moonrise has its own special appeal, and the same goes for sunset hikes. In addition to lunar goodness, the celestial calendar has three unique events of interest to plan your next stargazing adventure around.

July 3-Aug. 15: Summertime Shooting Stars

The month of July is not only an ideal time for a Colorado camping getaway, it’s also a prime opportunity to watch for some night-light surprises from the extended Alpha Capricornids meteor shower. 

While this particular shower of space dust isn’t known for a heavy volume of meteors, what’s exciting is the possibility of catching a fireball (not literally, of course). If you are lucky enough to see such a sight, the American Meteor Society would love to hear from you. The Alpha Capricornids peak on the overnight of July 28-29. 

Aug. 2: Saturn at Opposition

It’s a funny-sounding phrase, “at opposition,” like a planetary tantrum is about to happen. Here’s what it means: According to the Smithsonian, “[When] a planet is at opposition, it forms a straight line with the Earth and the sun, with the Earth at the center of the three.” 

Thanks to their resulting bright illumination and sky placement, planets at opposition tend to offer our best opportunities to see Earth’s neighbors. Look for this adage to hold true once more when Saturn reaches opposition on Aug. 2, although those with telescopes (or a sufficient amount of Milky Weigh) will have the best shot at seeing something far-out.

Aug. 11-12: Perseid Meteor Shower

It doesn’t get any better than watching a meteor shower on a sultry summer night. You’ll have just such a chance (temperature not guaranteed) overnight from Aug. 11-12 as the Perseid meteor shower dazzles with its annual display of sky-scorching streaks. 

Created as a result of Earth passing through the debris trail left by the comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle, the Perseid shower is a popular and beloved occasion on the summer celestial calendar. And there’s even better news for this year: The Smithsonian notes that “[warm] summer temperatures and a sliver, waxing moon will hopefully make for excellent stargazing conditions.” 

We can think of another thing that will make conditions even more ideal: some Veritas Milky Weigh.
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