September 12, 2022

Veritas Brings Cannabis ‘Four-Packs’ to Colorado

Veritas Brings Cannabis 'Four-Packs' to Colorado

The Aurora, Colorado-based operator is doing its part to creatively meet the local consumers’ needs while embracing education and experiences in the process.

September 8, 2022

 Zach Mentz

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Veritas' build-your-own four-pack promotion is available at more than 200 dispensaries in Colorado.

It’s a difficult time to succeed as a cannabis operator, for a number of reasons. Doing so in a mature and jam-packed market only exacerbates the challenges.

But Veritas Fine Cannabis, a vertically integrated operator based in Aurora, Colorado, is doing its best to creatively meet the local consumers’ needs.

Veritas launched a build-your-own four-pack of eighths of flower, equating it to your own mix and match half-ounce of product. The promotion, which is currently available at more than 200 dispensaries across Colorado and runs through September 18, allows consumers to select three different eighths of flower while receiving the fourth eighth for only 10 cents.

Jordan Plunkett, director of marketing at Veritas, says the build-your-own four-pack idea was inspired by the marketing team’s backgrounds in hospitality.

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“We like to take some of those tools and tactics that were successful in the alcohol/bar scene and implement them here in the cannabis space. That’s where we got the idea of the build-your-own four-packs, taking a play off craft beer, [where] you can build your own six-packs,” Plunkett says. “We really wanted to give our customers the ability to create their own experience. We believe with our vast strain library, we're able to provide something for everybody.”

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Being able to provide “something for everybody” first means understanding your consumer base and their product preferences. While that requires learning and information about the consumer, it also requires the consumer to learn about cannabis and its effects.


“Being a Colorado brand, we understand that people are outdoors, especially in the summertime when it's warm,” Plunkett says. “We want them to be educated. We want them to understand what works for them versus what doesn't work for them.”

Veritas’ build-your-own four-pack promotion is among of the many ways the company tries to stand out amongst fierce competition in Colorado’s decade-old adult-use market.

“There's a lot of great weed here in Colorado,” Plunkett says. “We've learned that we're dealing with a very educated consumer nowadays. People are definitely starting to understand the plant a little bit more … we're kind of getting past that point of sativa and indica [classifications].”

As the consumer has evolved, so, too, have the company’s marketing strategies. While most brands and retailers may emphasize THC percentage, Plunkett says terpenes deserve more attention, noting that Veritas packaging highlights the top three terpenes in a given product. He also notes other promotional experiences the company has implemented, including allowing consumers to conduct their own pheno hunt of Veritas products.

While Veritas’ build-your-own four-pack promotion runs through Sept. 18, Plunkett says “we’re definitely planning on bringing this back again. So far, it has been a huge success.” 

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