April 10, 2017

Veritas Fine Cannabis Releases Seven New Strains for 4/20


Veritas' Citrus Sap
Veritas' Citrus SapVeritas Fine Cannabis

In celebration of the upcoming cannabis holiday on 4/20, Veritas Fine Cannabis is launching seven new strains that will be available at dispensaries around the state. Here they are, with descriptions from Veritas:

Cookies N Cream: A hybrid of Starfighter and Girl Scout Cookies, Cookies N Cream is a sweet-tasting, CBD-dominant strain that alleviates long-lasting pain for patients throughout the day and can induce sleepiness in high doses.
Taste — sweet, smooth
Smell — sweet
Look — crystal-covered buds
Feel — relaxation, soothes pain, stress and anxiety relief
Intensity — 3/5

Chem Berry: This new hybrid strain combines the fruity, mid-level sedation of DJ Short True Blueberry with the "overall subdued" Chemdawg. The strain has a tart, sweet, fruity aroma; the effects are moderate on the physical and mental front, showing up as a warm haze in the mind and lightness in the body.
Taste — sweet, fruity
Smell — sweet, blueberry
Look — crystal-covered buds, some purple
Feel — haze, soothes pain
Intensity — 3/5

Bubba Banner: The sativa strain combines Pre-98 Bubba Kush with Bruce Banner for a blend of hidden strengths and dense nugs that pack a punch with an elevated THC content. Bubba Banner is a powerful strain with a quick intensity that settles into a euphoric and creative buzz.
Taste — pungent
Smell — pungent
Look — crystal-covered buds, dense nugs
Feel — euphoric, soothes pain, mind numbing
Intensity — 4/5

Citrus Sap: Combining Gorilla Glue #4 and Tangie, Citrus Sap is a hybrid that provides high yields, heavy resin production and a sweet mandarin-orange aroma.
Taste — fruity
Smell — mandarin orange
Look — crystal-covered buds
Feel — euphoric, soothes pain, mind-numbing
Intensity — 3/5

Cheesel: Named for its sharply sour aroma, Cheesel is an indica-dominant hybrid derived from Big Buddha Cheese and NYC Diesel CHS. It has a consistent potency and provides a blissful state of mind.
Taste — sour, unique
Smell — sour
Look — crystal-covered buds
Feel — relaxed, happy
Intensity — 3/5

Grape Ape: Named for its grape-like smell, Grape Ape is a hybrid of three strains: Mendocino Purps, Skunk and Afghani GRA. It provides a carefree relaxation that can soothe pain, stress and anxiety.
Taste — fruity, earthy
Smell — grape
Look — compact buds, purple leaves
Feel — relaxation, soothes pain, stress and anxiety relief
Intensity — 3/5

Larry OG: By combining OG Kush with SFB OG, Larry OG produces a potent, easy body buzz. It will relax you while still allowing you to accomplish tasks, and give you a happy feeling without becoming overwhelming.
Taste — piney
Smell — natural, forestry
Look — dense, orange hairs
Feel — relaxation, happy
Intensity — 3/5

Source: https://www.westword.com/marijuana/veritas-fine-cannabis-releasesseven-new-strains-for-4-20-8950921

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