October 1, 2021

Why Colorado Tokers Love Big Bubba Diesel


Don’t try to run from Big Bubba Diesel’s high. You won’t escape.

Don’t try to run from Big Bubba Diesel’s high. You won’t escape. 

Watching two heavyweights fight in mixed martial arts is one of the most exhilarating experiences in sports. I'm almost certain that someone's getting knocked out inside of twenty minutes, but I don't know when it's coming or who's hitting the floor. It's nerve-racking and brutal, and I'm always down to put money on it.

Coming across a strain called Big Bubba Diesel sent a similar shiver down my spine. Sure, breeding a strain is more of a pairing than a battle, but when Bubba Kush is in one corner and Sour Diesel's in the other, I can't help but think of another unstoppable force meeting an immovable object.

Bubba Kush is a definitive nighttime strain. Every cannabis user knows about Bubba's relaxing effects and chocolate, coffee-like flavor, good enough to keep the strain on dispensary shelves while modern trends take hold. But as popular as Bubba Kush is among stoners, even people who don't smoke pot know about Sour Diesel. It's one of the few that transcends weed circles, appearing in songs, movies and on shitty T-shirts.

Sour Diesel's high and flavor are just as reliable as Bubba Kush's yet completely different, giving users an energetic high while pumping out sharp fumes of gas and rubber. I was hoping for more of a draw or split decision in either strain's flavor, showcasing characteristics that made me fall in love with weed in the first place.

Bubba D's style was impressive during our first meeting, carrying an intimidating coat of trichomes and trademark colors of Sour Diesel, with bright-green calyxes and dark sugar leaves. I noticed aromatic features from both parents, though most of the Bubba Kush influences were spicy rather than chocolatey.

The high is where I found the biggest difference. I was pumped up on stoned enthusiasm and a lubed stomach for about an hour, easily giving the first few rounds to Sour Diesel. The energy left quickly, however, and the hunger stayed. I felt like a teenager who was four hours off his first joint, drooling, yawning and snacking through the day until nighttime arrived. An evening session put me on the same path, giving me about 45 minutes of life before putting me down for the count. Consider this a seventh-round upset for Bubba and a big win for Kush fans.

Looks: Nuclear-green with a healthy coat of trichomes and darker sugar leaves, Bubba Diesel's color reminds me of Sour Diesel, but the bud structure is too foxtailed and dense, and looks more down the middle of Bubba D's parents.

Smell: Bubba Diesel's smell is spicy and floral up front, but with heavy notes of fresh tennis balls and gasoline, carrying slightly more Diesel qualities overall. It's a close battle, though, as those Diesel scents are followed by Kush-like hints of vanilla.

Flavor: Bubba Diesel's smoke is spicier and earthier than the smell implies, showcasing that zesty Bubba influence, but with sour, rubbery flavor and floral overtones lingering around the sides of my mouth.

Effects: Described as a daytime hybrid, Bubba Diesel is more of a nighttime-leaning strain for me. I initially feel curious and even-keeled, but there's a side of brain fog and immediate hunger, and my focus only dies from there. Bubba Diesel puts me on a consistently downward trajectory after a short-lived spike, so I won't be smoking it before 7 p.m., and will likely save it for days when I need to counter-attack too much coffee.

Where to find it: Bubba Diesel has been spotted at Colorado Harvest Company, Cookies, Higher Grade, the Joint, Lightshade, Native Roots, Nature's Herbs and Wellness, Oasis Cannabis Superstores, Peak, Rocky Road, Simply Pure and Solace Meds. Veritas Fine Cannabis is supplying most, if not all of the Bubba Diesel around Colorado right now. Although the Veritas cut makes me much more groggy and less focused than intended, the flavor, potency and jar appeal are undeniable.

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