August 24, 2022

Why Colorado Tokers Love OZ Kush


OZ Kush won’t sweep you up like a tornado, but it can put you in the dirt.

OZ Kush won’t sweep you up like a tornado, but it can put you in the dirt. Herbert Fuego

Whether you've seen it or not, The Wizard of Oz is responsible for so many of today's phrases. There's no place like home. We're not in Kansas anymore. Lions, tigers and bears, oh, my. Then there are the songs — "Over the Rainbow" — and symbols like clicking your heels twice, ruby slippers and munchkins (though you probably shouldn't call anyone but a toddler that).

The Wizard of Oz is currently celebrating its 83rd anniversary, and the movie's impact will live on longer than any of us. These are mighty expectations to associate with a variety of cannabis, even if dispensary shoppers confuse OZ Kush for a generically labeled ounce of herb. Neither of these outlying prospects are fair to the strain, however, whose melon flavor and caressing effects are worthy of its own lineage.

Several talented Denver area growers and extractors have taken a liking to OZ Kush. While it wouldn't be my first choice at the pot shop, it's never a bad pick on a Wednesday evening, either. Considered a nighttime-leaning hybrid with physically sedating effects, OZ Kush is a consistent and reliable choice for after-work and evening sessions. It gets users baked, happy and loose, but leaves enough gas in the tank to move around for a while.

Enough popular cannabis brands have embraced OZ Kush for the OZ name to take hold in the cannabis world, with Biker OZ and Grape OZ both now part of the family tree. That's not quite the same as multiple academy awards and nearly a century of cultural relevance, but it's a start.

Looks: Both the plants and buds would be eligible for a basketball starting five; the length can extend past my forearm. The flower is tight and light, so those big buds don't carry as much weight as they seem, and they dry out fast, too. It's a good-looking hybrid otherwise, exuding heavy trichome coverage and few pistils.

Smell: OZ Kush carries a more fresh and invigorating aroma than the strain's actual effects. Initial smells of morning grass and honeydew are gradually taken over by thicker notes of rubbery skunk and hash-y vanilla, almost foreshadowing the relaxing effects to come.

Flavor: Honey, melon and strong but enjoyable vanilla notes give OZ Kush's smoke an initial sweetness, but they're pushed out by stronger "weed" flavors of pine and rubber. OZ Kush hash showcases the sweeter aspects, however.

Effects: OZ Kush doles out forgiving highs that relax without sedating, lightweights notwithstanding. I've found it most effective as an antidote for too much caffeine, or as a treatment for sore backs and feet. My mind moves slightly slower after smoking OZ Kush, so I wouldn't recommend a session before anything important, but remedial tasks and walking around public is a breeze. Save this for any time after 7 p.m. and you can't go wrong.

Where to find it: We've seen OZ Kush on the menu at A Cut Above, Apothecary Farms, Ascend Cannabis Co., Best Colorado Cannabis, Callie's Cannabis Shoppe, the Clinic, Colorado Harvest Company, Denver Kush Club, Elite Cannabis, Golden Meds, the Herbal Cure, Higher Grade, Life Flower Dispensary, the Lodge, Magnolia Road Cannabis Co., Medicine Man, Nature's Herbs & Wellness, Oasis Cannabis Superstores, the Peaceful Choice, Silver Stem Fine Cannabis, Solace Meds, the Stone and Twin Peaks Dispensary, but more stores probably carry the strain.

Ascend, the Bank, Hava Gardens, Higher Grade, Snaxland and Veritas all grow their own versions of OZ Kush, while Äkta, Infinite Infusions, the Lab and Olio made concentrates of the strain. I've yet to come across a badly grown version of the strain, but I haven't found a properly stored version, either. OZ Kush's buds have a tendency to dry quickly, and Colorado's atmosphere isn't known for moisture. Scoop OZ Kush quickly after a drop, and maybe you'll be more lucky.

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