November 17, 2021

Why Colorado Tokers Love Slurricane


Slurricane’s high is easy to forecast, but tough to stay awake through.

Slurricane’s high is easy to forecast, but tough to stay awake through. Herbert Fuego

Announcements of new celebrity weed brands pop up often, but such companies often fall by the wayside. Most of us don't want to spend $10 more on the same weed with Lil Wayne's face on it; there's not much value there. Celebrity booze is blowing up, though, and most of the stars behind the scenes don't have to even put their names on it.

Before George Clooney and Ryan Reynolds made hundreds of millions selling tequila and gin, E-40 was getting us hyphy with Slurricane. I'd actually rather swallow my own vomit than drink the pre-made rum cocktail that is Slurricane (I'm sure most people who bought it ended up doing both), but the beverage was popular enough to get a commercial release seven years ago. Slurricane never blew up like Casamigos, but in an ironic twist of fate, the early rendition of celebrity liquor left a lasting imprint on cannabis.

A mix of Do-Si-Dos and Purple Punch from In-House Genetics, Slurricane's fruit salad flavor comes with a skunky, piney twist, giving fans of Grape ApeBazookies and classic Skunk or Kush strains something to look forward to. The high, considered better for nighttime, is also versatile, relaxing stress while leaving enough juice in my body and brain for a project. The delicate balance is hard to imagine with a strain name that conjures sloppy drunkenness, but at least Slurricane's buds deliver on that promise. The plant's bright color seems straight out of a wine cooler.

Most of Slurricane's characteristics are pretty modern: a fruity flavor profile, a thick hide of trichomes and a potent high that crosses the line between mind and body. The high isn't anxiety-ridden or debilitating, though. Instead, sessions with Slurricane made me uber-focused on one thing at a time, which is far from what I've come to expect from cannabis. That stoned concentration can become overbearing, however, so keep something interesting on hand before smoking Slurricane, or you'll be caught in a storm of disenchantment.

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