March 9, 2022

Local Lens: Highlighting Our Favorite Colorado Cannabis-Friendly Businesses

The Colorado cannabis scene extends far beyond the plant: From food trucks to creative glass, these local favorites are what’s hot around Denver.

Colorado is known for bringing awesome folks together. It makes sense when you think of all the incredible camping, winter sports and world-class cannabis our state has to offer. But beyond that bounty of sativas and natural splendor, there’s another crucial ingredient to Colorado’s secret sauce: the people. 

At Veritas, our love for the local community is a major focus of everything we do. And there’s an incredible array of local talent to celebrate in our own backyard, from graphic artists to muralists

Whenever we seek creative inspiration, we look to Rob the Art Museum. And when we get hungry, we like to hit up shops like It’s a Bodega for exotic international snacks and Wayne’s Smoke Shack for stellar BBQ. What’s the common thread here? These folks exemplify the type of cannabis-friendly local businesses we love to support.

To thank them for always having our back, we wanted to shout them out, along with other Colorado institutions that definitely clear the bowl as certified Veritas staff favorites. From eats to art to empowerment, here are seven spots we’re all about supporting:  

It's a Bodega

Great name, great snacks from all around the world—It’s a Bodega is a Denver shop that basically has it all. Whether you’re hankering for potato chips from Thailand or the latest limited-edition sodas, no tasty treat is too far out to make it onto these shelves. We also dig that It’s a Bodega has the same passion for tracking down outlandish snacks that our cultivators have for finding exotic genetics and hunting phenotypes. Catch us raiding their candy aisle again soon! Be sure to stop by their new location at 1242 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210.

Wayne's Smoke Shack

We love the barbeque wizards at Wayne’s Smoke Shack. And we know we can count on this crew to come through at Veritas special events and budtender get-togethers with a mouthwatering menu of Texas beef brisket, St. Louis pork rib and so much more (including the ever-important fixings and sides). Be sure you have an empty stomach before you swing by their storefront in Superior, and tell them Veritas sent you.

Rob the Art Museum 

Rob the Art Museum is a Black-owned art collective filling our community with crucial education, inspiration and engagement. From art activations to mural festivals, underground events to NFT projects, Rob the Art Museum leads the way in uplifting Denver’s local artists and creating platforms for them to shine. At Veritas, we see art and cannabis as two dialects of the same language, which is why we have major love for Rob the Art Museum and all they do. 

DownTown Fingers

This Denver-based food truck is what’s up if you’re craving chicken tenders and stellar sauces. That’s why we consider it a minor holiday anytime the DownTown Fingers truck stops by our office. Seriously, our mouths are watering just typing this. They even have loaded fries! True hero behavior. Speaking of which: Might we suggest you pair your order with some proper munchie fuel? Veritas’ Scooby Snax makes for an excellent add-on as an appetizer and / or dessert.

Frontline Farming 

This Denver-rooted nonprofit seeks to create greater equity across Colorado’s food system. Ensuring food security for everyone is something that Veritas wholeheartedly believes in as well. We’ve had the pleasure of volunteering with Frontline Farming and can attest firsthand that their comprehensive approach—which includes growing fruits and vegetables, providing education and initiating policy changes—is vital and admirable work. Also believers in the benefits of cannabis, Frontline Farming checks every box for us and is more than deserving of your time and support too.

Purple Haze 

This shop takes glassware to the next level. Purple Haze is a Colorado leader in providing top-quality, cosmic pipes, bongs, bubblers and other fine smokeware accessories. Together, Veritas and Purple Haze have teamed up on a few events and we continue to treat our eyes to a tour of their superb, ever-rotating selection of both glass and vaporizer products whenever we have the chance.

Roll it Up Sushi 

We’re such fans of DownTown Fingers that when we heard they were branching out with a specialized sushi food truck, we could not wait to roll through. We’re stoked to see a familiar face who’s friendly to the cannabis community sling us inventive rolls, hot gyoza and good vibes. (And how amazing would a combo sushi + joint rolling event be? Stay tuned!) Catch Roll It Up Sushi trucking around the Denver area and making stomachs happy and full.

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